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Constipation is ruling our life.

Kaleb is 7 weeks old now and has been constipated for 6 of them. Our days revolve around whether or not he has pooped. Every time I talk to my mom or to Charles, they both say, "has he pooped today?"

The doctor says formula makes poop sticky and thicker so new babies have a hard time pushing it out and that it should get easier when their stomach muscles get stronger. Well I can't tell for sure but when Kaleb is pushing, they seem pretty strong to me. Either way, he's not pooping on his own and it makes for a very uncomfortable little boy. We are having to "help" him go every day. It's getting very frustrating...mostly bc I know he's in pain. Hopefully at his 2 month check up they can give us some different advice. Other than that, he's still eating 4 ounces most of the time with an occasional 5 ouncer. He's doing better on his sleep this week. He's able to go 4 hours instead of just 2. We tried soy formula and that was a disaster. He threw it up all night long. You can defiantly tell when my little guys tummy feel good vs bad. Just take a look at the pictures and see if you can tell the difference. Until next time...

Today, I Pooped!

Today, I did not poop!

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