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28 and LOVING it!


June 13 I turned 28. Best birthday I've had thus far!! The day started off a little rocky. The plan was to meet my mom at 2:30 in Georgetown and drop off Kaleb with her while I went to have a Mani/Pedi and do a little shopping. Then at 6:30 we were all supposed to meet up and have dinner with my family and friends.

Well Kaleb woke up super fussy. I thought to myself, atleast I don't have to meet my mom until this afternoon, surely we can get over this fussiness before then. I was wrong. It was 1:00 and we both still in PJ's and both cranky. I text my mom and told her it maybe more like 3 before we get to her. So we managed to get ready to go, I had Kaleb fed, in a dry diaper and dressed...I even managed to get myself ready with makeup and all! I go to get the car seat to get little man strapped in and realized the handle you carry it with is pushed back. No problem right? Well, it is a problem for me. You have to have 2 hands to push both buttons in order to raise the handle for carrying position. I wanted to cry. How will I manage this?? I was wanting to call my mom and just tell her we were staying home, cancel everything. I didn't give up though. I worked on it for 20 min and finally got the dang handle up. I had to use my foot for the right side. Improvise. It's my middle name. Ugh, I was so upset but we loaded up and headed to hr late. I cried the whole way, I think I was just exhausted and frusturated. On the way, Charles called me and said, "babe, I forgot to ask you, did you want anything for your birthday??" What do I say to that? I knew he was serious by the tone of his voice. Looking back on it now, I see that we have both been so occupied with Kaleb, neither of us really thought about my Bday...but at the time when he was on the phone, his words made me cry even more. I told him not to worry about it, it was obviously too late now. We finally made it to my mom, handed off the baby and I went for my nail appt. After i got done there, I just didn't have the energy to go shopping. I actually went to the park and took a nap. Thats right, I took a nap during my free time. I woke up refreshed and headed to the resturant to have a GREAT bday celebration!

My mood greatly improved when I saw my hubby walk through the door with a giant cookie cake (my fav) and he had 2 birthday cards in hand. 1 from him and 1 from Kaleb...2 hour long massages for mommy...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love my boys!

I turned out to be a great evening! Great visits with friends and family and of course, best of all, having my little man there! I'm loving being 28!!!

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