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Tuesday 10 and life lately

Whew. Been a while since I've had a T10! Let's go for it!!

1. I'll update on my dad first, for those of you just reading for that purpose - things are moving along, slowly but surely. His left leg is still an open wound, where he is missing his calf, from the knee to ankle. The remaining muscle in that leg seems to keep dying, and that has been discouraging. The dying tissue and muscle has meant they can't go forward with putting a skin graft on...until this week. Our fingers are crossed and hearts are hopeful, that on Friday, they will determine it looks good enough for a first step skin placement, and they can proceed with surgery. This is the area where he needs the most prayers. It is by far his worst injury and it is taking the longest to heal.

His other injuries, like his missing toe and right arm are healing well. His right arm was a huge concern in the beginning, but by the grace of God, he has movement and function in it! He came very close to having it cut off just above the wrist, so it's a miracle he can move it at all! The right foot, where he is missing the big toe, seems to be doing it's thing and healing like it should. It will still need another skin graft, if not 2, but like I said, it seems to be headed in the right direction. He has not weight bearing on either leg. A lot of people have asked me if he's able to stand and the answer is, no. We are a long way off from that it seems, but we are prayerful and hopeful.

If you are local, please go visit him. His days tend to get pretty long and I'll admit, I'm running out of things to talk to him about. LOL!

Thank you for all the prayers for him! They have gotten him, and us, so far!

Now onto traditional T10 word vomit. :)

2. Life has meaning again. My shows like, This Is Us, Grey's, and Scandal are starting again!! I'm unapologetic for the amount of time I will spend curled up on my couch this fall. You can't make me feel guilty. I summered it up real nice with all the activities and pool days for 3 whole months, it's TV time now, baby!

3. I have discovered the beauty of after-school care. Now, I know what you're gonna say, "didn't you quit your job so you could spend more time with your kid and so you wouldn't have to figure out what to do with him in the afternoons?" Yes, yes I did do that. But I also didn't know that I'd be spending so much time at the hospital 40 miles away from my kids school. So a little after-school care never hurt anyone, anyways. :) We tried it today for the first time and when I got to school at 4:45 to get him, he was mad because I got there "too quick". Excuse me son for feeling guilty that I left you at school until almost 5p.m., I won't ever feel guilty again. Sheesh. #ProAfterSchoolCare

4. Let me just tell you guys, I haven't eaten cookie dough in months. MONTHS. If you've followed me for some time, you'll know why I felt that was worth mentioning. I'm so strong.

5. Just gonna throw this out there, I'm putting nurses and teachers in the same category. Y'all some special people that God made. Kudos to you if you are either, because y'all have the hardest jobs in the world, and you are all killin' it. In a good way, obvs. Thank you for all you do....saving lives, educating children and EVERYTHING in between. Our world is better with you in it.

6. I drank a margarita tonight for the first time in a very long while. It was delicious and deserved. Shout out to all da real MVP!

7. Kaleb told me he's been whistling at girls. One girl in particular. I asked him if this action caused the girl to slap him. He said, "no way mom, girls never slap me for whistling at them...and I do it all the time." Lawd help me.

8. Related to #7 - he told me he had a secret, and I was not allowed to tell ANYONE at his school. {Ya'll know my kid, when conversations start up like this, I always get a little nervous} but nonetheless, I encouraged him to carry on and tell me the secret. The secret was that he has a girlfriend. I tried my damnedest to not react, however, I might have whiplash from turning my head so suddenly. When I gathered my composure, I asked who she was.............y'all ready for's me.

Yep. Homeboy pointed at me. His girlfriend is still me. I'm still the chosen one. He still believes he and I will live together. Forever.

It's fine. I'm fine. It's fine. We're all fine. My kid can still live here when he's an adult. It's fine.

9. Never thought I'd say THIS, but, eating out and eating fast food is getting old. I miss my spinach smoothies. And my special K cereal. On the flip side, everyone who has sent gift cards and such, THANK YOU! We use them every single day and they are life savers!

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