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Tuesday 10

1. I'll never get tired of hearing Kaleb talk in his own way; replacing all of his "L's" with a "W". Three years old might be a tough age but I might just shed a tear when he starts saying, "I reawwy wuv you mama", correctly. 2. Since I get asked this on a weekly basis lately, let's just clear the air now...Yes, I have thought about online dating and no, I don't want to. It's far too much work; way more than it's worth. 3. I hate what social media has done to holidays. Y'all know I'm the queen of social media but I just feel like Facebook and Instagram has gotten in the way of our holidays. It's like we are so worried about getting that perfect family photo in front of the Christmas tree or everyone needs to look so damn cute in their Easter outfits that we end up missing the joy of the holiday. This really dawned on me during 4th of July. Kaleb and I were laying on a quilt, watching the works and he was laying in way that was precious to my soul and I ended up missing some of the fireworks trying to get a picture for instagram. And I know this argument can be true for all situations and occasions but I just really feel the bulk of it on holidays. On the flip side of the argument though, coming from someone who knows first hand how important pictures are when there's a sudden death, I will continue to capture awesome moments with my camera while balancing it with enjoying the moment with my whole heart. Damn I'm profound.

4. I'd like to go back to the life before crappy quarter machines. I can not escape from a grocery store or restaurant without being asked for quarters. Our life revolves around bouncy balls and sticky hands.

5. I changed my mind, my first book to be published will be, "proper Facebook etiquette for the old schoolers". If you didn't know there were FB rules or proper etiquette, you shouldn't have an account.

6. I think I was properly initiated into summer 2014 this weekend with approximately 32 mosquito bites. Yeah, deep down, I'm actually sweeter than candy, folks.

7. Did I miss the memo that overalls for women are back in "style"? Because I've seen more than I should have. Is this just a Texas thing?

8. In other news, I'm changing my blog colors a little. I'm a color whore, I know. Good thing I have the best BlogDesignerFriend. Ever.

9. Tomorrow my first article will be published on!! Get excited!

10. Chris is the best guy on the Bach. I have so little to say this season and I don't know why. I do know, however, Andi's faces drive me crazy. What is with all the pouty lips, then then weird drawn back look. I wonder if, now that she's watching it, does she hate it as much as I do? Also, I always let Kaleb watch the end with me because all the kissing is usually done and well, it helps with his counting. Last night he said, "dere's only 3 flowers mama, dat's not enough for all da mans!" Happy Tuesday 10!

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