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Tuesday 10

1, So, school drop off for my dude is getting a bit better. Instead of crying the entire way there, he only cries when I hand him to the teacher. We're totally getting there and we're both feeling better and better about it! Thanks for the support. 2. The other day, whilst at the mall, I did one of those kiosk massages for 15 minutes...BEST 15 minutes of my life. Seriously, a great massage that took away my headache within minutes. Not to mention, Kaleb stood there like a big boy and waited on me. I may or maynot have bribed him with jellybeans. 3. I'm gona be really bold here and use vulgar language so if you aren't into all that, move along to number 4. I'm so fucking tired of hearing people bitch about the same shit over and over. Esp when I actually can relate and they say, just just don't know what it's like. And if you're bitching about the same thing for the second YEAR in a row...IT'S PROBABLY YOUR FAULT. Yeah, that was me yelling. I mean seriuosly, if you're having the same issue for 2 years, (and there's a way out of it) fucking make the change already, or shut up. I feel better now.

4. Do you pick out your clothes on Sunday night for the entire week?? Who has time for this?? I'm doing real good if I pick 'em out the night before. And speaking of clothes, I may or may not be making Kaleb sleep in his clothes that he'll be wearing the next day. I mean, with the time change and the change in our schedules with the new school, I'm not about to try and get that boy dressed in the mornings when he's half asleep. Judge all you want; we are not morning people.

5. Egos. They're for the mother-lovin birds. The end. 6. Reason #782 why I'm ready for summer: Kaleb can leave the house without socks on and I won't have to worry about him getting sick from cold feet. (you know, ALL the old peeps drill that into your head, don't go out into the cold with bare feet or wet hair, you'll catch the phonomania) The next time you're trying to get your kid dressed, think of me and attepmt to put their socks on with 1 hand. It's. A. Bitch.

7. I think potty training is just as much training for the parent as it is for the kid.

8. There's a little girl named Molly in Kaleb's class. And if you know our story well enough, you might be able to guess where this is going.

When I asked the little girl her name and she said "Molly", Kaleb looked at me with complete shock and disbelief in his eyes. He absolutely couldn't believe there was another being, other than his dog, named Molly. He was in so much shock, he never said anything. I so wanna be a fly on the wall when he tries to talk to her to see if he's gonna call her Bawlly. 9. Did you know that Great American Cookie Company sells cookie cake by the slice?! Life changer for me. If you know anything about me, you know that new born babies and cookie cake are the way into my heart. 10. I told you I would be obnoxious about it for 1 week and then you won't hear from me for a while. The giveaway has started and so far it's going awesome! You only have until Thursday night to enter! Winners picked on Friday. Go. Now.

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