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Tuesday 10

1. Longest. Week. Ever. last week. I swear I'm going to have grey hair in 6 months. Kaleb had 4 REALLY really bad drop offs and gah, they wear on you as a mother. Of course when I call eleventy times a day, they always say he's doing great. And I believe them. Because most kids start behaving and acting accordingly when mommy leaves. It's just like whoa. By the time I get to work, I want to eat all the things and then take a nap. This school bizz is for the birds. 2. Just watched Monsters Inc closely for the first time and noticed the little girl has a Jessie doll and a Nemo fish in her room. I might be the only one that finds this kinda cool. 3. If you sent me these flowers yesterday, thank you! The card didn't specify who they were from but regardless, if you're thoughful enough to think of me and send me something like this, I'm SO beyond thankful you're in my life.

4. The timehop app has quickly proven that my status updates on FB were painfully boring 3 and 4 years ago. I'm not even sure how anyone even liked me back then. I'm so pleased with how awesome I am now.

5. You hear other mothers talk about it. You never judge of course, just say to yourself, wow that's a new level of low to be at. Then, you actually experience it. You find yourself hiding in your own home just so you can eat a few Cheetos and drink some Dr. Pepper in peace. Then you realize you don't have to share because no one is watching you and you understand what all the rave is about.

6. Sometimes the worst part about going to work is just having to pick something to wear. My next job will require scrubs or something of the likes. 7. I started planning Kaleb's 3rd birthday. He wants it to be airplane themed. Imagine that. I'm so thankful for yet another year of being able to plan a cute party and one that doesn't involve weird boy crap like transformers and power rangers because gross. 8. If you're not going to use at least some punctuation in your FB status, please just don't update us. We aren't really even reading your paragraph that doesn't contain even one period or comma. 9. God bless Andi. I have really high hopes she'll be able to make us forget about the worst bachelor in bachelor history. Also, the only other thing I have to say about last night was that Clare's exit was like a scene from a really bad mexican soap opera. The only thing missing was painted on eyebrows. 10. Did you guys see this yesterday?? Let me just say...y'all should be exxxxcited! At least 3 giveaways with very good prizes. Next week peeps! Be on the lookout!

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