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Tuesday 10 - Special Edition

First thing: do we just LOVE my new blog design?!? Isn't it amazing?? You can get your very own custom blog and if you do it in the next week, you get 40% off!! This is a GREAT deal, folks! Becca Paro with Jumping Jax Designs is offering this special since her little girl is turning 1. She is really easy to work with and she is super creative. Take a look at her website here. She has a lot of examples to look at as well! :)

So now for Tuesday 10 and why it's a special edition. I got the idea from this mommy blog and basically it's "10 things that made you smile this month". What a fantastic idea! Since we are at the end of July, here ya have it...My 10 things that made me SMILE (trying to remember them in order)

1. Watching Kaleb reaction to fireworks. I posted a bit about this already but it was just the cutest thing. He had one of his besties, Alli, there with him and when the show started, Kaleb grabbed Alli's leg and held on. It was def a SMILE kind of moment! He was "ooooo-ing' and "ahhhhhh-ing" in the beginning but then they became a bit too much for him. He soon got scared from the noise but over-all it was a memorable moment. :)

2. Kaleb's first (of many) combine ride with Grandpa. I'm not sure who loved it more. Grandpa was GRINNING from ear to ear the entire time and Kaleb just sat there with his mouth wide open, in awe. Those two are a pair for sure. I can already see Kaleb will want to do EVERYTHING grandpa does when he gets big enough. It warmed my heart to see Kaleb enjoying "the farm life". :)

3. My bestie. We are up to party planning again! Everytime we email or text, I'm smiling. We are so similar, it's unbelievable. We are both witty, we are both super funny in each others presence and we can have a whole conversation with just looks. I love her. SHE makes me smile. :)

4. Piggybacking on #3, party planning def makes me smile. Just the fact I get to put my pinterest boards to use makes me smile! Whether it's a wedding shower, a baby shower or in this case, a thirty-one's all great reason to get together and have some amazing pinterest food and drinks! :)

5. Last night. Last night made me smile. Yesterday was a bad day. I was having a poor me day. Last night, after supper, I told the hubs, "I need some brownies." He said, "me too, I had a crappy day, brownies sound good." 'Nuf said. Off to the local grocers I went. Got us a box of brownie mix and baked them up. While they were in the oven, along came the smiling part. Myself, the hubs, Kaleb and the dog sat on the kitchen floor and licked out the batter bowl. Kaleb had it EVERYWHERE. He got it alllll over himself and me. It was the perfect end to a bad day for everyone. :)

6. Meeting new friends. As mentioned before, I met my blog designer. She ended up just living about 30 minutes from us, so we had a playdate! She has a little one real close to K's age and then a 3yr old. The 3 yr old has won me over. He stole my heart. Not sure what it is about him, but he is awesome. I saw him again the other day, not only did he know my name but he remembered our playdate trip. He is the cutest thing and it def makes me smile when he says my name, "SamanTa". :)

7. Cook-offs. Cook-offs make me smile. There was one this past weekend and another coming up. Something about them makes me smile. Kaleb really enjoyed himself as well. It was super hot but we ate our share of sno-cones to keep us cool. :)

8. My etsy shop. I received 6 orders this month! I'm also really lame because I love when someone favorites one of my items! One day folks, one day, I'll be famous-somehow. :)

9. A couple nights this month, Kaleb has had some trouble sleeping. It's almost like he is having bad dreams by the way he wakes up crying. (this of course doesn't make me smile) I hate that he's having trouble but this also means he wants to be rocked. He isn't the most cuddly boy except during these times. Even though it means I'm missing some important sleep, it still melts my heart that he needs me and wants me to hold him. Needless to say, he makes my heart smile. :)

10. That random Friday I took off for no reason. 'Nuf said. :)

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