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Looking Back on Twenty Thirteen

It's time to look back on 2013. I know this is kinda a blogger standard. Not real sure why we all do this, most everyone that will be reading this is a faithful follower and you guys already know what happened this year, but we do it anyway. My year in review will include links to old posts and some of my favorite InstaGram pictures. Someone stated a while back that IG is like a mini blog that we are using to document daily. It's true. I love using IG as a mini blog to tell you guys daily tid bits. Hope you enjoy my year in review, you better cause it took me like a month to prepare. And I'll be really honest here, it gets less and less interesting towards the end because after like the 7th month, I was so annoyed with this entire idea of a year in review. :)


January was a pretty full month but that's usually the case as folks are trying to wrap up the holidays. We can start with My first Tuesday 10 for 2013. I'm glad I decided to post a Tuesday 10 on January 1st because I believe I only missed a couple TT's this entire year!

Then this fun little party happened with the kiddos. It was our kid friendly holiday party, complete with ear pulling and a full bathtub. Look how little they are!

Let this photo document the start of my highlights. I lost control after this and we all know I was pretty much completely blonde by the summer. I have no regrets.

This was the night where I drank too much wine with this girl but the real reason for including this picture is that we look fabulous. End of story.

My Godson Joshua was born. He's only like the cutest Godson ever!

This is what Kidney Stones looked like for me. This was a rough time for me. For days and days, I laid around, drinking stupid amounts of crap and straining my pee. I never want to go through this again. Never. Avoid getting kidney stones if you can help it. You'll think it's the end of time.


My favorite Tuesday 10 from February. I admitted I was wrong and it was hard. This blog post was hard for me to write because I realized I had been wrong all along and I didn't want for this to be the truth. So far, my feelings still haven't changed, I was 100% wrong. Still makes me a little sad but I'm coming to terms with it.

I got to meet Ms. Texas on Valentines day. She came to visit patients at my work. Kinda cool? Maybe?

My son is beautiful. Nuf said.

This was the night that Charles offered to do bathtime and I walked in to find this. My little nugget went to daycare smelling like a grown ass man.

Kaleb started crawling out of his crib in February. It was far sooner than what I wanted. We gave him several chances but once he learned he could do it, he was out. Charles actually hid in his closet one night to watch how he did it. He said that Kaleb tucked his blankie under his arm, threw his leg over and worked his way down. This picture was from his first night in the "big boy" bed. He did SO well in his new bed.


Kaleb and I took some precious Easter pics!

On 3-17-13, sweet Joshua became my Godson. We are a beautiful pair if I must say so myself.


Easter happened in April. Kaleb really got the whole pick up candy thing, down. He got to have 3 different egg hunts.

Somewhere along the lines, I stopped doing monthly updates on my dude. I really regret that I let life take over and didn't make time for them. When it dawned on me, I felt like the worst mom ever so I played catch up with this post.

We played outside A LOT this past spring. We had some beautiful weather and a lot of afternoons that looked like this. These two go hand in hand even if they don't always want to admit it.


May started out with a Weekend Trip to San Antonio. This was the trip of all trips. Kaleb behaved horribly the entire time we were there and it stressed me out beyond belief. He even dropped his blankie over the railings at the hotel and watched it fall 5 stories down, into the parking lot. I will never forget this weekend.

Mother's Day happened and I showed that I had a soft side with this post about my family.

After the disaster of a trip to San Antonio, I swore I would NOT travel with Kaleb again for a very long time but then somehow, I decided it would be awesome to join my peeps on a last minute trip to the beach for my cousins graduation. It was Kaleb's first time to experience all the beach things.


In June I told you 30 things about me because I turned 30 this year! Tuesday 30: 30 things about me

I also over-instagrammed my Birthday Weekend in San Antonio. It was the best girls weekend I've ever had.

And then of course just a couple days after I turned 30, my husband passed away. While it was obviously the biggest and saddest part of our year, I'm not going to let it take over our "year in review." I often blog on how it effects our daily lives and if you're new to this story, you can start here.


My favorite Tuesday 10 from July had to be the one I wrote while sitting in the social security office.

The 4th of July happened with our besties. This was probably the best 4th of July we've had. All of Kaleb's little friends met up with us in the park and shared in watching fireworks. As typical 2 yr olds, we couldn't get them all to look at the camera at the same time but that just means we were having a blast!

Since our summer was a little shaken, I thought it would be a good idea to take Kaleb on a beach trip. We needed to go to a place where no one knew us and we needed some bonding time. Kaleb let his terrible two's show a bit but overall it was so much fun!! We even took a sail on a pirate ship, complete with mustaches.


My mamaw passed away in August and I'm certainly glad I had this photo from when Kaleb was baptized.

Kaleb got a stupid virus in August and was super duper sick. It was like whoa.

Ever wonder where I got the name for my blog? The airplane part came from my main man with this story and the guacamole part is just for good measure.

A LOT of these type of things happened in the summer of '13. We had so much fun!


September brought lots of fun things starting with a brand new blog design which I'm still loving.

Kaleb had a "Happy Breakthrough" and it was pretty fantastic.

Probably the best part of September was the bestie's bachelorette weekend. This was a weekend to remember. A ton of laughing, a lot girl talk and wayyy too much wine. Very, very fabulous times that'll never be forgotten.

I mean, have you ever seen anything so cute? This dude loves his musical instruments. Lastly in September, I re-posted the story about my accident I gained a few readers this year so I thought I'd repost it just one more time, ya know, for good measure.


The biggest thing that happened in October was the besties wedding!! By far, one of my top things of 2013!

Somewhere along the line, I decided Airplane Rides and Guacamole Sides should have a Facebook page. I'm kinda glad I did that because I'm getting very close to 600 fans! If you haven't liked it yet, please do so! I wrote my first letter to Charles and it was quite therapeutic for me. Word on the streets is that it was quite moving for you folks and everyone cried. It was kinda a big deal.

Halloween of course happened and it wasn't at all cute. I mean, just look at my little train conductor.


I went to Cincinnati in November. It was kinda a last minute trip with a friend and I have no regrets. We were only there over the weekend but I had a fabulous time and even threw in a 90 minute massage/facial to amp up the trip. Plus, I captured that fabulous chandelier photo that currently hangs in my room.

Pretty much as soon as I got back from Cincy, my grandpa passed away. It was expected and I'm happy for him that he is back with his lady of 60 years.

November became the month my kid started hating me for taking pictures with him.

We had our pictures made for Christmas cards and captured this beauty in the midst of it.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention we had Thanksgiving in November...ooops! I made this awesome pumpkin dip and was thankful for lots of things.


In early December I hit a healing spot and it felt good. It was probably the first time I remember feeling stronger and of course, I documented it.

Kaleb went to meet Santa and I ended the night in my bra. Many of you know this story well, but if you don't, here ya go. This was def my most popular post for December!

On the 12th day before Christmas, my best friends surprised Kaleb and I with 12 days of Christmas gifts. It was truly a blessing for us. We had such a fun time opening our little gifts every night. It was something special we did together and I probably cried 10 out of the 12 nights.

Christmas of course happened. I mentioned this a tad in my Tuesday 10 yesterday, Christmas wasn't easy. At all. I pretty well cried for 2 days straight. This was the first year that Kaleb really understood the presents were for him and he had such a blast opening them. So much so, it made my heart break that Charles wasn't here to see it. It was one of the hardest times of 2013. That being said, I just don't have a ton of great pictures or a blog post to share with you. I'm just not up to it and that's okay with me. I know we'll have next year, plus I already take pictures of him daily. You guys follow me, y'all know how I operate. This was just one year of many many to come so I'm not gonna be hard on myself about 2 days. So that's that.


As for the year as a whole, it wasn't too shabby. Am I ready for 2014? You better believe I am. 2013 had extreme highs and lows. I never in one year, learned so much about life and about myself. At times, I'm completely blown away that after all that went down this year, I'm still sittin' here, keeping up with this blog, just livin' life. I guess we can say, this year grew me up a little, it showed me that life is unexpected, it's loving, it's a bitch, it's reality, it's forgiving, it gives second chances and it just keeps going, with or without you. It's up to you to decide what you do with it.

Bring it on, 2014. I'm with ya!

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