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Tuesday 10

I'm baaacccck! Eak! I'm 2 days in on working from home and already I feel so different! I feel like I have so much time for stuff, like writing the beloved Tuesday 10's!

  1. Speaking of the last 2 days though, it hasn't been completely fun and freeing. My dude is sick. Like really sick. He's been running a semi-high fever and has a cough that sounds like something that shouldn't be exiting the human body. Poor guy, He almost never gets fever so this time, it's really taking him down. We've been back and forth to the doctor since Sunday and he's still not himself.

  2. Speaking of Kaleb, he came nervously crying to me the other night telling me he shoved his allergy pill up his nose and now it was stuck! Ummm what? He's never stuck anything up his nose or in his ears. I hear stories of other kids doing it but I guess you never think your kid would fathom doing such a thing. I was wrong. Honestly, it scared the shit out of me. I was like, "are you sure it's in there??" It was definitely in there. In a panic state he started blowing his nose really hard (while I was still trying to figure out why he would have put his pill in his nose and questioning how much truth there was to the story) and it shot right out...all the way across the room. I hope the amount of fear in him will teach him to never do that again because it could have been a lot worse. Mercy.

  3. I gained a Goddaughter this past weekend! My sweet niece Claire was baptized on Mother's Day and she of course did so good! She's the happiest and the most easy going baby ever! Love her!

  4. Party planing is in full swing over here...I always say this will be my last year to do a 'pinteresty party' but then here I am, all up in it. I do think this will be my last year. At some point Kaleb will start thinking themed parties are dumb. PS, how do I almost have a 5 year old? I just now got used to not being able to call him a toddler.

  5. You know what else is in full planning mode? Kaleb moving to his own bed. I know I sound like a broken record but it's for real happening this time. He's been told that as SOON as he turns 5, he's moving out...of my bed and into his own.

  6. This is random but I want to shout out to all the moms out there who are adopting! It seems I hear about it more and more and it's just amazing to me. Y'all rock.

  7. One word: Mosquitos. Two more words: Texas summers. Another word: Itchy.

  8. I'll have you know, (according to Instagram)it's been since March 11th that I've made cookie dough. That, my friends, is a true accomplishment.

  9. How excited are we for it to almost be water park season?!? Since Kaleb will be home with me this summer, (yikes) I see a lot of water park trips in our future. A LOT.

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