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I’m a Pinterest-y Mom and I Won’t Apologize For It.

What’s with all the hate towards Pinterest-y moms? I mean seriously, is it just another excuse to start a

different type of mommy war?

Moms that are crafty or creative totally get a bad rap if their creations are seen by other moms in the

classroom, and I don’t like it.

I’m Pinterest-y and I won’t apologize for it.

Yes, I’m the mom who sends her kid with over-the-top cute holiday treats to pass out in the classroom. I’m the

mom who spends too many hours painting 18 individual reindeer jars for Christmas parties. I’m the mom

whose craft room looks like a miniature Hobby Lobby. And I’m the mom who starts planning birthday parties

months in advance because I want to have time to make things look cute. I’m that mom and I won’t apologize

for it.

I have 2 reasons for being like this and they are enough reason for me.

1. My son is still young enough to think all these little crafts and creations are the best thing ever. There

will be a time, probably in a short couple years that he will be embarrassed by any and everything I do.

He won’t want to show up at school with my “pin wins”. He won’t think they’re awesome or cute or

fantastic, like he does now. He’ll want to hide under a rock because to him, I’ll be “so not cool.” And

most of all, he won’t want to have themed birthday parties because that’s for “little kids.”

The other night, we were on a mom/son date and had to wait over an hour to get our food; to pass the

time, I asked if he wanted to start thinking about what theme he wanted to do for his 5


birthday, which

is 4 months away. He got excited and said, “sure mom! I love the parties you make for me.” So, we got

on Pinterest and looked through so many possibilities and he decided on a Lego theme. His little eyes

lit up with all the ideas and pictures there were to see and pick from. I pinned every single one

because, “mom a giant Lego door and a Lego #5 would be so awesome!!!” It’s worth it to me to see his

reaction; to see him get excited; to see him be proud. “Look at what my mommy can do!”

2. My other reason is simple. I like doing it. Look, I’m a crafty person. I’m creative. It’s my personality

and creating is my outlet. A lot of people ask, “how do you have time for that?” The truth is, I don’t

really have time for it, I just neglect other less fun things like housework and laundry. I’m a crafter, not

an organizer. It doesn’t bother me to not have my house spotless 24/7. It doesn’t always bug me to

see the laundry sit for couple days. It’s just who I am. Life is way too short to worry about my

unorganized closets and junk drawers. Attempting stuff I see on Pinterest makes me happy so I do

happy. Plus, I only have one child. Having only one to do classroom stuff for is a game changer. If I

had to do it for 2 or even 3 kiddos, I’d be out.

I like to see my son get excited about the things I come up with, I like that he’s proud. I also like that doing

those things are my parts of my happy place. Does this make me selfish? If so, I still don’t care.

Being Pinterest-y doesn’t make me “perfect” by any means. Trust me. I have a lot of imperfections;

imperfections that I envy other moms for not having, like perfectly clean cars or the ability to pack spectacular

lunches. I also hate that I’m not a play-date mom. I just don’t like being social with a bunch of moms I don’t

know. It’s not me. I’m not a multi-tasker and I wish I was. I see other moms with multiple kids, handling all the

things like a champ with a positive attitude and I’m like, “wow, good for her.”

  • Let’s not judge or be snarky with the Pinterest-y moms. No good will come of it. Let them do their thing with

the ridiculous holiday treats and obnoxious birthday parties. It makes them happy, probably. Plus, if they are

anything like me, their house is cluttery and they’re more than likely envious of all your clean laundry.

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