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What Kaleb Wore {Target Edition}

Ok boymoms- how frustrated are you with your options for boy clothing...especially when they're getting out of the baby sizes?? Some of you might be down with the options these days, and that's cool too, but I just can't put skulls on my baby. I know he isn't a baby anymore but gah, the "grown up" clothes we have to pick from lately is tough.

Except if you shop at Target this summer.

I was so thrilled when I came across some clothes that weren't full of characters and or skulls - and I wanted to share! I was equally pumped when I was able to spot some cute handsome swim wear as well. I know it's summer and especially in Texas, it's important to be comfortable and I've had no complaints from my little man...and he's very particular about tags, collars, buttons...the list goes on.

If you're having trouble finding clothes for your little guy, Check out Target - I promise they won't disappoint you this summer.

Thank you Target for giving us the cutest options for Summer '15!!!

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