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So...there's that - Thursday

Kaleb never remembers what he had for lunch at school when I ask. He always just says “nufin’” or tells me what they had for snack, which was right before I pick him up. However, the other day when I asked he was beyond excited to tell me they had “PIZZA wit square meatballs on it, corn and pineapples!!!” I was like, “Oh that’s awesome buddy, I’m glad you liked it (and remembered)”. He was like, “yeah, you know dose square meatballs??? You know mom? You have to make dat kinda pizza wit dose square meatballs on it!!” I don’t know what square meatballs are at all and I have no idea what kinda pizza has square meatballs. So…there’s that.

Y’all know I’m not a morning person. At all and I just want to put this out there: If you see me before 9:30 a.m. on a week day, I’m still wearing my resting bitch face. It’s not you. I’m not mad at you. It’s me. I’m annoyed at the world until 10 a.m. So…there’s that. Get over it.

I’m getting a new website and it’s kinda a big deal. I’ll officially be No denying it anymore. So…there’s that.

I’m about to start my last season of Parenthood and I’m literally feeling depressed. I don’t want to start it because I know it’ll be over. I’m incredibly lame in that I actually want to be a Braverman. So…there’s that.

I’ve had Kaleb’s party favors ordered for 3 months and his birthday isn’t until the end of May. So…there’s that. And I’m totally okay with it.

Excuse me for my whining. I realize I whine a lot. It’s just what I do. Another tough-ish time is approaching me. Anniversary’s, birthdays, mothers and daddy’s days, ect ect. I can’t say that it’ll be easier than last year but I know it’ll be different. And I’m okay with different. It means that things are changing and that’s what is supposed to happen. Right? So……….there’s that. Sigh.

On the UP side, once I make it through those events, BlogHer in the big NYC will be right around the corner for me. So…there’s THAT! Holla

I was having a dream that I got asked out on a date and then my damn alarm woke me up. The fact that this was one of my biggest disappointments in a while, just means I need a life. I mean, clearly, I just admitted to wanting to be a Braverman. Wow. So…there’s thaaat.

The other day when Kaleb and I were in Target, one of the guys that works at the CVS Pharmacy came up to us and greeted us by our first names. My first reaction? Yeah, we’ve spent entirely too much time at the pharmacy this year. So…there’s that. Womp Womp.

We are struggling with sleeping. Correction, I’m struggling with sleep. Kaleb is perfectly content in my bed. I’m not going to get into the dynamics of it all because everyone loves to form their own opinion about what I should/shouldn’t be doing about it. The biggest part of this is that he has got to get into his own bed. I’m at the end of my rope with this. I’m so at the end that I lost my shit on him last night which ended with us both crying. So…there’s that.

I should have just done a Tuesday 10 this week because it really is the best way to update everyone on all the happenings around these parts…but…I didn’t. So…there’s that. This might actually be a new weekly thing for me, I kinda like it.

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