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So What! Wednesday

I haven't done one of these in a super long time so I thought I was due. Plus? I'm sure you realized I missed my Tuesday 10 yesterday so maybe this will make up for it? Yes, I believe it will. On this Wednesday, I'm saying SO WHAT:

If I took Kaleb to daycare on Tuesday even though I had the day off. It was officially the best day ever. I was so productive yet still found time for a nap. Who's winning now?

If sometimes I get a great blog post idea in the car and I literally pull over to type the gist of it on my phone. Otherwise I'll totally lose my ambition.

If I'm already punching Christmas music in the throat. Seriously y'all, wait for the Turkey to have his day. He gets 1 day, Santa basically gets all the days.

If I'm already buying Chapstick by the pallet. My walk from the parking lot to work is ridic and basically my lips will dry away in this winter craze.

If I have Taylor Swift on freakin repeat on the car. I mean. It's feel good music, people.

If I feel as though if I had some man parts, they'd be frozen off by now. What the hell is this? I didn't sign up for the north damn pole.

If I just want to hug the maker of itsy. This whole, surprise makeup at your door once a month thing, makes me happier than most superficial items. Except for maybe when I get to dip all the foods in ranch. That makes me pretty happy too.

Happy Wednesday!

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