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Tuesday 10

1. On behalf of Kaleb, I/we would like to say thank you for all the prayers yesterday. Little man got his second set of tubes placed and it couldn't have gone more smooth. I'm 99.9% sure he just thinks he got to have a mask on his face that smelled like strawberries. Anything past that, he of course doesn't remember, which results in a very confused look from him when I ask if his ears hurt or if he has a headache. So. Thanks. We'll know the results of his hearing in 3 weeks. 2. Another big thanks goes out to all who have been/were praying for my friends daughter, Ellie. She's making progress everyday and was even reunited with her older sister the other day. She's in extensive therapy right now but overall, doing great. Y'all are like some award winning pray-ers. 3. It's confirmed. Kaleb will be a train for Halloween. Again. His little OCD and scheduled self thinks he needs to be a train again because that's what he was last year and trick-or-treating went so well for him, he MUST be the same thing to have the same luck. When our pictures look exactly the same as last year, you'll know why. 4. I'm probably due for another adult vacay. Any suggestions? I need to stay in the country (for now) and I want to go somewhere in January. 5. I've been paying for Netflix for forever now, but the sad news, I have no device to stream it to my TV. So basically, they are getting free money from me. It's a cryin' shame but I need Netflix help. Thank you in advance. (and yes I know I can watch from my laptop ect, I want it on my TV dangit.) 6. Speaking of TV, I'm open to any suggestions you might have as far as things to watch. I haven't watched anything besides The Bachelor and Grey's in about 3 years. And go. (As a side note, I'm really into mob related shows. I like to pretend I could one day be a mob boss's wife.) 7. Guess who started buying Christmas gifts? I don't know. You tell me. I won't start buying until 2 weeks before and all my gifts will be questionable because I always wait until the last minute. 8. Guess who's started on the holiday blog giveaway? So on that topic, I know I already asked, but those who want to contribute, please let me know specifically what you want to giveaway so I can add you to the awesome list. A picture or link to the item would be great. Think stocking stuffers... (email me your item description to no later than Nov 1) Also, if there are any bloggers that want to join, all are welcome to donate towards a visa gift card. 9. Remember last year when my folks went outta the country and my dad sent those emails from his iPad and the entire message was in the subject line? Yeah...that same dad just got a iPhone 6. He literally went from a flip phone to an iPhone 6. Look. Out. World. Look out. 10. When old people feel it necessary to share with you their new found sex life with their new found makes you question multiple things about yourself. Your life. The general public. And sex all together. Take my word for it.

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