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Tuesday 10 {I hate winter edition}

I'm going to bitch about season changes, in particular, the winter time. My plan is to get it all out on this Tuesday 10 and then try my very best to not talk about it again. Plus, I was so overly positive last week, I needed to balance. 1. Probably the #1 reason I hate season changes would be the sick kids. They are snotty, coughing, sneezing, germs are flying, it's a hot ass mess. Kaleb and I were in the ER like 7 times last year. We both got the flu at one point and there came a time where staying home was our better option because we were actually getting more sick by going to the doctor and being in a room with eleventy-hundred other sickies. Hate it with a passion. 2. My second biggest reason is the clothing. I HATE wearing sweaters. They are bulky and itchy. Then there's coats/jackets. You need them for the 5.7 seconds it takes you to walk to your car and then when you're in the car, you're all jammed up because the damn jacket is too bulky. In college, it was worse. You'd walk to class in the cold, get into the classroom where the heater was set to 89 and you'd sweat your ass off. Jackets: they are just added stress and bulkness to this one-armed girls life. 3. I mentioned last week, I prefer my pinks and yellows over fall colors, any day. I wear yellow very well. I'm not so much a brown girl. 4. Shoes: I either wanna have my toes out or no shoes at all. 5. Kaleb and I enjoy spending time outside. We love eating dinner on the picnic table, we blow bubbles, we go swimming, we count lightening bugs, we love all the summer outdoor things. I'll suffer through mosquito bites any day before I'll sit outside in the cold. 6. It gets dark at like 4p.m. Ok, 4:45. I hate that. By the time I pick him up from school and we get home, it's going to be dark. 7. From October to Jan 2nd, it's nothing but hustle and bustle at the stores. All the stores. Retail, grocery, dollar can not go anywhere without getting run over by crazy ass shopper people. 8. In Texas, we don't get snow, we get ice. It's not fun like snow, it's not pretty and its dangerous. And we are still required to go to work. 9. The pressure of family get-togethers. Don't get me wrong, I love family things and I'm blessed to have family so close but there's so much pressure in planning. What date can everyone be there? Who's house? Whose cooking? Don't leave anyone out. I just wish there were an easier way. Maybe I'll host 1 giant family gathering, for all the holidays, with all the families and call it a day. 10. Okay, so this was probably too much complaining. And it was so first world. So I'll end with a few things I do like about the winter. Peppermint coffee. The need for all the quilts. My fireplace that turns on with a switch. Candy cane hershey kisses. Black nail polish doesn't instantly make you goth.

Happy Tuesday!

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