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Tuesday 10 {barely functioning edition}

1. Is it even Tuesday? I know nothing. I'm still in recovery mode from BlogHer14. The hangover they speak of, it's very very real. Even if you didn't drink alcohol, the hangover is still there. I can't remember the last time I felt this tired and my brain has been this mushy. You might even regret reading this week. It's probably going to be crap because I can't think properly and so yeah, there's that. 2. When I'm less stupidly tired, I'll create a separate post about my trip and all the shenangins involved. I'll even talk about my "fashion picks" since you guys were all super nuts about what I was wearing. I hope to have all that done by the end of the week. *hope* 3. Sometimes I just feel like sending an emoticon in a work email reply. Too bad there are rules and standards in the work place. Sometimes. 4. I had deep thoughts today, which was actually shocking. How do we get rid of expectations? I really think that when we have expectations of someone and they aren't met, that's sometimes the most hurtful thing. Like, I have certain expectations from people I care about but if I don't voice those to them and they don't live up to them, is it my fault that my feelings are hurt? But on the flip side, what if we didn't have expectations of anyone? Would it be okay to just let people treat us however they wanted because we didn't have expectations? Wow. This is just a bunch of rambling. I'll stop here. 5. I had the chance to eat nutella in San Jose and decided against. I was really living on the edge. 6. Kaleb completely changed in the 7 days I was without him. He's more talkative, witty, and now says "oh crap" when things don't go his way. It actually freaked me out a little. I asked him if the old Kaleb was going to return and he said, "probably not." 7. If you have 1 arm, you can't sit at the exit spot on an airplane. The flight attendant will offer the seat to you at first but then after you move all your shit and get settled, she'll say very loudly, "Oh you have 1 arm?!? I didn't see that can't sit there because you have 1 arm, I'm sorry I didn't see you had 1 have to move." And then you'll ask her how many times she can say "1 arm" in a 8 second span. 8. How is Juicy Fruit still a gum??? It's flavor goes to crap in about 92 seconds, leaving the worst after taste your buds have ever tasted. 9. ...and then I took the elevator to go up 1 floor and actually feel asleep. 10. Thank you baby jesus. The bachelorette is over. This was by far the worst season ever. Who else feels that way? Something about it was mind numbing boring. And then there was Andi and all the damn faces she made. The faces alone were more annoying than 24 3yr olds hyped up on sugar. I would rather sit in a room with cats than watch that season again. And we all know how I feel about cats. And 3yr olds. I mean, yay for her if she loves Josh; yay the fuck for them. I wasted 3 hours of quality sleep time to watch that nightmare and now resulting, is this awful Tuesday 10. Sleep. Always pick sleep over Andi....until Nick totally calls her out for sleeping together and in that case, pick laughing your ass off.

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