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Tuesday 10 {Confessions}

1. I've never eaten Nutella. Haters gonna hate. 2. I didn't know Just Bieber was so tatted up. He's close if not all the way with a full arm sleeve. Isn't he still like 12? I seriously don't keep up with these things. 3. I've always secretly wanted to punch someone. Not a punching bag, not a fake person, an actual being. Isn't that weird?? I'm not a violent person but man, I really just wanna knock the shit outta someone. I think I'd be fully satisfied afterwards. 4. I'm not doing very well with my bucket-list. I didn't plan a trip around the US for Kaleb and I, and I've only been to the movies once in a year. And my kid was with me. And we saw Frozen. So that doesn't count at all. I feel like I'm not asking for a lot. 5. I failed miserably at last weeks 'no complaining for 24hrs" bit. I need to do it when I know I'll be able to sleep like 18 out of the 24 hours. Which will be never because quality sleep doesn't happen in the Amidon house. Whoever said it was a good idea, anyways? 6. I've never seen Dirty Dancing. 7. I really and truly feel like Molly would be a happier dog with someone else's family and I've thought about giving her up. But I just can't. She and Charles were so attached to each other, I'd be sad to never see her again. But for real, I think she's depressed with us and probably wouldn't miss being part of our family. 8. I'm not afraid to admit that Kaleb's school is responsible for teaching him 90% of what he knows. I'm a failure when it comes to at home teaching. This is one of the many reasons I'm not a SAHM. 9. I always get anxious about traveling. I'm so worried about them losing my shoes and makeup brushes, more so than anything else. I just feel like those items would be such a heartbreak to replace, not to mention, expensive. Sigh. It's hard being a girl. 10. When I sat down to create a dating profile, I chickened out when it asked me for a screen name/username thing. It just felt so high school, like when we were creating our profiles on AIM. I'm still not 100% ruling it out, I'm just taking baby steps and keeping y'all informed of the progress...errr lack of progress.

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