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Tuesday 10

1. First and foremost, I promised good news last probably already saw it yesterday via all the social media things, but, I'll be writing articles for! It's a brand new website (just launched yesterday) and it'll be a place where other mom bloggers will be publishing things that have to do with being a mom. Everything from birth stories to messy house stories to pre-teen hormone stories. I'm so excited to be part of this group! If you haven't already, go like their FB page, follow them on IG and twitter. I'll also be sharing the links to my personal FB page when something I wrote gets published. This is almost like being famous, y'all.

2. Why does Facebook need a Facebook page? No but seriously, why?? 3. I could literally hear Charles laughing at us this weekend when this happened:

I heard screaming and a frantic, "I NEED HELP" coming from the bathroom. I start running that direction and all I see are 2 legs and a tiny head coming from the toilet; I'm an arms length away and I slip on the slippery tile, my legs come out from underneath me and I land in a giant puddle of pee, all while Kaleb's body is still in the toilet bowl...before 7am.

And just to clear up the confusion, Kaleb's butt and most of his back was in the toilet, leaving his head and feet sticking out. I'm not too sure how there was pee to the side of the toilet but somehow he emptied his entire bladder on the tile before he fell into the pot. And I was still half asleep because he had gotten out of bed without waking me, to use the bathroom. Props to him on that part of it. So the end result had my ass and back very sore, Kaleb was ugly crying because he got pee on his OCD-self and Charles was laughing from a distance. Our day improved by having mexican for lunch followed by a 3hr nap.

4. So my dad had a heart attack last week. He's doing fine now, but of course it was super scary at the time. I'm telling you because I learned some things about heart attacks that I didn't know...a person experiencing a HA can actually have severe jaw pain. Like gut wrenching pain. This was how it started for my dad, plus he was having chest pain and severe pain in both arms. Make yourself and your loved ones aware, heart attacks are not limited to left arm pain only.

5. Sorta ready for all these soccer shenangins to be over. Who's with me?

6. I have no plans for the 4th and I'm ok with that. I have this over-whelming want and need to be at someones pool all day long, by myself, with no kids, no noise, plus booze. Too much to ask? I didn't think so.

7. One of these days I just wanna punch my mother-loving alarm clock in the throat and say, "I win."

8. There are so many people on my current prayer list, I can't even keep up. So many people and families going through such hard times...please join me in praying for a special family who suffered a great and tragic loss this past weekend. They are in need of many many prayers and hugs and love and peace and faith and understanding and all the feel good things.

9. How many of you have the hardest time getting your kid to tell you what they did at school that day? These are our conversations in the car: "How was your day, dude?" "Good" "What did you have for lunch?" "Nufin'" "Did you sing any songs today?" "........." "Did you make any crafts today?" "................." "Did you play with your friends??" "..............wook, over dere, a bird!"

10. Some of my favorite quotes from my Kman while he was watching the end of the Bachelorette with me:

"Dat wady is being really nice to dat man."

"Wut dat sparkly wady doin wit dose flowers?? She give 'em to dose mans?"

"Why dat man cry??"

"I no wike pickles ei-der."

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