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Tuesday 10

{1} So sucks when your image of someone is ruined with just 1 conversation.

{2} Sometimes, when I need to make a Hobby Lobby trip, I go at 7p.m., knowing they close at 8. This allows me minimal time to shop for stuff I don't need. Self discipline my friends.

{3} Anyone else feel like they live by the clock during the week? It's like, from the moment you wake up in the morning, you're constantly breaking down the day by minutes. "At 6:16 I need to have my hair and makeup done. At 6:59, we need to be getting to the car. At 7:35, I need to have completed school drop off and already be on my way to work." I feel like my entire day is like that and frankly, it kinda burns me out. God bless weekends.

{4} So, unless my book makes millions, which duh, I decided I want to work at children's hospital one day.

{5} It's all I can do not to show you guys every single piece of art my kid brings home. I'm just so beyond proud of him and how well he's doing at school that even a paper plate with some glue and glitter on it seems outstanding to me. But I know, those that didn't give birth to him, care a lot less, and that's ok. Because sometimes I don't care about other kids art.

{6} Speaking of my kid. His party is SUNDAY. Party prep has been happening for a while now but I took it a step further this past weekend and announced an official hashtag for the party. Le sigh. I know, I'm THAT person but I don't care. #KmansAirplanePartyFlight003

{7} I miss my other hand. Like I'm not sad that I have 1 arm, I just literally miss it. I miss clapping and folding my hands when I pray. If I were to get my hand back one day, those are the first 2 things I would do...and I'd prob still do everything else with 1 arm. I'm so weird.

{8} I threw away perfectly good candy this weekend. Like gobs of candy. We don't need it in our house and Kaleb has a serious sweet tooth. Candy is all he ever wants. So I threw it away. Please tell me you've done this. I don't want to be wasteful, I want to be candy free.

{9} Announcement and prayer request. I signed up to attend a blogging conference In July. It's like THE blogging confrenece to attend. I will know no one. I'll be like a minnow in a pond of sharks. The other bloggers attending are big timers. With like 50K followers. While I'm so excited to go, I'm so nervous. I'm not good at meeting people right off the bat. I come off kinda bitchy and stuck up. But I need to go. I need to do this. It'll be good for me. Plus I'll "get out there" and if I'm serious about this book thing, I need to "get out there". So, unless I drink heavily each morning before I attend the conference, I'm gonna need a few prayers. I just want it to go the way it's supposed to go. I want God to be in the details of each second I'm there. I want to be my nice and chatty self, not a stuck up be-otch. If you get a chance between now and July, shoot me a little 8 second prayer and wish me luck! And warning, when it get's a little closer, that's probably all I'm gonna talk about, so sorry.

{10} The bachelorette is baaaaack! So far, not too impressed with the selection of men. I guess we'll see where it goes! And thank gawd the first night is pretty much the only night for the cheesy first impression shit. I'm so over that.

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