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Tuesday 10

1. You know what I find odd? Life. It's so weird all of the time. 2. Large Rant: I'm tired of fake people on social media. You're life isn't really that perfect and we all know it, so stop. Just stop. Maybe read some of my shit on this blog and you'll see that it's okay to be real. Rant over. 3. I'm still shocked that I can pray so damn hard for something for like, freakin, months, and then I ask once on facebook for the same prayer request and BAM, the next day I'm seeing at least some results if not a ton. This is exactly why I share shit. 4. Is it weird to y'all that I'm like, really into prayer but I still say shit a lot? It's probably a little weird but I kinda like that about me.

5. How does a person learn to not have expectations of others? A person who holds onto expectations of others, always gets hurt.

6. No matter how bad you want to try them, do not buy the new Birthday Cake M&M's. They are very tempting in their fresh light blue packaging but they taste like old chocolate cake and licorice. But maybe you're into that kinda thing. 7. Mother's Day wasn't awesome for me. I sound like a greedy asshole when I say that, but Kaleb isn't old enough to say, "oh hey mom, let me make you this wonderful breakfast in bed and thank you for being an awesome mom" nor is he old enough to understand what Mother's Day even is. While I still stand behind my two posts on facebook about not needing anything fancy and needing to be thankful for the gift of motherhood, a small part of me still wanted that pampered feeling. I let stupid widowed life problems take over my day of happy. Someone remind me not to do that. Ever again. 8. Am I the only person that doesn't like cream filled doughnuts? Eww. 9. When I start cooking again, which might still be a while, but when I do, I think I wanna make quiche. Thoughts? Concerns? Easy recipes? 10. And I'm pretty thrilled with my new camera. I went with a Nikon D3200. An incredible amount to learn but I'm on my way to being the bomb dot com. At least in my head I am. Also. Leave it to Kaleb to make a chocolate/Cheeto face look so damn cute.

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