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Tuesday 10

1. I just started saying "I don't know" to every non-logical question that sounds like, "but whyyyy mommy? Whyyyy?", which is pretty much every 4 seconds.

2. Dear ice cream sandwich maker,

Please start using a logical, less messy, easier to open package for your delicious treat. And then send me a year supply to thank me for this genius idea.

Your friend,

The One Armed Ice Crem Sammy Fanatic

3. I learned two things at my cousins princess party. #1, a party full of little Princess and Frozen loving girls is a LOUD party. #2. Twinkle toe shoes are ALL the rage. Clearly.

4. You don't need to plan anything else for a party if you have a bouncy house. Game over.

5. This weekend was my third time to really lay out for the season and I'm already regretting my decision to not put in a pool this year.

6. I might be going out on the inappropriate limb but here's this sentence from

Kaleb upon waking up:

"Mommy why my peepee wook wike dis?" 7. I figured out what the biggest pain in the ass in life is - changing email address's when you've had the same one since 2002. Not only switching over all your contacts but every damn site that's required an account has that old email addy. And let's face it, I've made a lot of accounts on a lot of websites since 2002. 8. So. I actually started my book. Like really. I have an entire chapter all typed up. And it's all new material that no one has ever read. Pretty exciting.

9. Yesterday I was approached by a pregnant woman. She asked if I knew a church where she could get shelter/food. I didn't know of anywhere close so I just gave her money. Whether or not she was playing me for a fool, I still think it's important to put that question behind you and give them the benefit of the doubt. I felt good about my decision.

10. Pray for Kaleb this week. Monday night was the beginning of "Hard Core Mommy Boot Camp." I'm not bending on the sleeping thing this time. He can continue to sleep in my bed but he has got to learn to fall asleep without me there. 11:00pm is an unheard of bedtime for a kid like him. Monday night was pretty tough as he is learning a little thing we like to call cold turkey, so yeah, prayers.

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