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Tuesday 10

1. Does still loving bath and body works at age 30 make me any less of a real woman? 80's babies, y'all know what I mean...matching shower gels and the lotion! Body splash even. WhaWhat!

2. Easter time for boys that aren't babies just isn't as fun as Easter time with boys that are babies. I feel like Easter pictures with bunnies and chicks are only cool if you're less than 2. And how will it look if Kaleb walks around with a bunny on his shirt? #boymomproblems

3. Bragging rights. This amazing photo of Kaleb and I has been pinned over 400 times on Pinterest. Booya.

4. Other moms talk about it but you don't get to fully experience it until your kid does it-getting fully naked when needing to poop. Keep your mother-loving clothes on. Or move to a nudist colony. 5. I have reason to believe that antibiotics make children crazy. Like crA-zee.

6. So, that whole Easter thing, I guess I gotta make Kaleb an Easter basket from Peter Cottontail, huh? I haven't been good at this in the past but I know he'd probably like it. Poor Kman kinda ended up with a halfass mom.

7. How reasonable is it for me to have a week in Barcelona on my bucket list? I wanted to go this summer but I'll probably get a new dishwasher instead, because that's the same. My hopes is to meet someone rich-ish who wants to pay my way just because they wanna be nice. I'm gonna amp up my nice and downplay my meangirl status and let Karma do her thang. Wish me luck.

8. Damn you baby fever. Damn you.

9. Anyone want to sell their semi-professional-but-still-okay-for-beginners camera? I'm looking to buy. Tell your peeps to contact my peeps.

10. I just feel like my biggest delima right now is between regular cake or cookie cake for Kaleb's birthday?

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