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Tuesday 10

1. Kaleb started his little school yesterday. If you missed out on that excitement, overall it went well. For part of the day I questioned myself as to why I'm not a stay at home mom because I worried about him so much. By the evening time, I was brought back to reality and remembered very quickly why it is I send him to a full time daycare.

2. When people's soul purpose in life is to make it in my Tuesday 10, I think they're worthy of my first born. Or at least a night of drinks on me since she doesn't really "do" kids. It's all you next time, Chey. ALL you.

3. I truly believe in pen karma. If you steal a legit ass pen from someone, someone else will chew on yours and then return it. Buy your own good pens and let's stop the pen karma. 4. What is this crazy show kids are watching called "Peg + Cat"? Kaleb thinks it's the bees knees. I think it's not the bees knees. It kinda sucks. And it's weird. I bitch about kid shows too much.

5. I wonder how much the old Asian lady on Greys Anatomy gets paid. Y'all know who I'm talking about. She's in almost every episode, in the operating room, pretending to be content just handing tools to the surgeons but really, she's listening to all the drama wondering when they are going to allow her to speak. I mean, geeze, she's been silent now for what, 10 years??? On a different but much more important note, how much do you drool over Jackson?!? My gawd. I was about to have words with April if she would have turned him down. I clearly only like this show a normal amount.

6. That moment when you're craving Oreos and milk but then you realize you don't keep shit like that in stock because your ass already shows you don't need it.

7. St. Judd's fundraiser is on the radio again. I can't even listen anymore. It makes me wanna give all my monies to the kids. I always at least give some but then it still makes me cry. So I have to change the station. I'm sorry, I just can't.

8. I def didn't watch any of the Olympics but I sure did sign up for those Oscars with Ellen! I love her!! She handed out pizza for crying out loud!! And props to my girl Jennifer Lawrence for not being shy and grabbin a slice while 1 billion people were watching. Way to be a real girl!

9. I wasn't going to say this because I didn't want to jinx myself, but now, I'd rather say it and get it over with. I'm about 95% sure I'm getting kidney stones again. I had them last year around this time and I'm pretty sure it almost sent me to my death bed. I'm in an abnormal amount of pain every day in my low back. And it sucks so much in a very familiar way.

10. I'm ready for Juan Pablo to be OFF national tv. Period.

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