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Tuesday 10

1. You guys? I'm an aunt. And it's totally like whoa. I haven't loved like this since Kaleb was born. When I met Miss Libby, all those feelings came rushing back to me and I realized for a brief moment that I may want to be a mom one more time. There is nothing quite like a newborn baby. And nothing quite like a fit throwing 2yr old who makes you question your entire being as a human.

2. What is the best way to insure the ladies in your new office will hate you? Get 3 different sets of flowers delivered to you the first week you're there. I had a very special Valentines week! Thank you to everyone who thought of me and made me feel loved!! <3

3. I need to get out of the habit of calling Kaleb a Toddler. He's obvs not a toddler anymore. He's a 45 yr old bachelor that's stuck in his ways, trapped in a little person's body. The toddler ship has sailed!

4. Sometimes people just suck. But then sometimes people are still awesome.

4. Kaleb probably has no less than 5 different Tow Mater trucks of some sort. Every single one of them are made with the same damn little tow hook in the back. None of them were thought out well enough to have a hook big enough to actually tow things away. Don't the people who make these toys realize kids are going to want to be realistic when they play and feel the need to tow things away. I can't believe I'm bitching about hooks on mater. What has my life come to?

6. What is happening to folks and their gallbladders? Gallbladders are coming out left and right. They are all over Facebook, just being removed. I think I know 3 different people getting them taken out this month. Being a gallbladder-er remover myself, I do know it's totally worth it. Being gallbladderless is the best decision I've ever made.

7. Meeting up with old friends is good for the heart. Drinking margaritas and then cheap beer is bad for the head. I got to see some college friends this past weekend that I hadn't seen in many many years and we had a fab time! Along with many many booze. Sunday morning wasn't too pretty for any of us but it was worth it. Reunited and it feels so good!

8. I just feel like it's time for Hallmark to start adding hashtags to their greeting cards. No? Just me?

9. Operation: Getting Kaleb To Sleep in His Own Damn Bed- is a total fail. Please pray for us. Please! 10. Raise the roof Sharleen is gone!! I've never in my life seen someone so awkward on national television. I'm still waiting for Clare to take out her fake teeth. Any day now. Annnnd I think JuanPablo just like girls. I mean every time you turn around, he's talking about each of them and how he reaaaallllyyy likes her. My opinion of him, he just likes all things girl. Typical hot guy problems. Happy Tuesday!

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