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Tuesday 10

1. My Tuesday 10's would be kicked up a notch if I could tell you about my work life. I mean, there's no way you could make this shit up, it's like whoa. I'll have to save it for the book. 2. I'm so excited about the March giveaway, I can hardly stand it. A little sneak peak into the prizes: they will all represent Kaleb and I in some form or fashion. Favorite things? Favorite places? Time will omly tell! And it looks as though you guys want them broken up into several giveaways verses one large one. I'm down with what y'all want. Gah, I'm so the bomb.

3. Babies under the age of 10 months make my heart turn into goo. Children ages 2-4yrs make me mentally tie my tubes.

4. What would you think if you saw a questionable 50yr old female checking out at the grocery store with just 1 can of cat food and a package of crackers???

5. Sometimes I think, this'll be the day I start cooking again. But then I'm like, naw girl, you so crazy.

Seriously though, cooking for 1.5 is pointless esp when the .5 prefers cereal.

6. If you see me staring at your fit-throwing child, I'm in no way staring because I'm judging you, I'm thanking God that my child isn't the only one.

7. If I see you walking around with something other than tea in your McAlisters cup, I immediately judge. Same goes for leaving Starbucks with an ice water. 8. I think the winter weather was really gettin' me down. Yesterday was 80 degrees and sunny. I haven't been in that good of a mood in a while. Months. I just felt like a huge weight had been lifted and I was finally in the grove with the new normal. It was kinda awesome. 9. I'm starting to hear about having more and more followers and it just makes me giddy so I wanted to give a shout out to all those who read and follow but haven't ever commented or made yourself known. I appreciate everyone and no one should ever ever feel stalker. Stalk my shit all day long, that's what it's here for. FaceBook, Pinterest, Instagram, take your pick or take them all. I'm everywhere. 10. The Bachelor was fairly uneventful last night. I mean, there were tears but that's so a given. One thing I will say, y'all mark my words, Sharleen is fake fake fake. She's playing games with our JP. Those tears at the pool, fake. And she's wearing clothes like that on purpose. She knows she's got him hooked and this is only the beginning of her plan. I think it's fair to compare her to a cat.

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