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Tuesday 10: Welcome to 2014

It's my first Tuesday 10 for 2014! Holla!

So, you didn't see me do a New Years resolution post because I don't make them. Most of the time I don't follow through with them and since I'm all about honesty here, why give you a list of resolutions that I won't stick to? I did though, come up with a list of things you are going to be seeing in 2014. A couple changes I'd like to see happen, a few ideas I have, and overall, just the plans I have in my head for the new year. Now, if life decides to hand me a wild card again with a lot of shitty things attached to it, I can't be held accountable for any of the following. Except maybe number 7. Number 7 is kinda easy. 1. One of the first things you'll be seeing in 2014 is Kaleb sleeping in his own bed! I got little dude an awesome train bed from Etsy and he has yet to sleep in it. If he doesn't end up there by January 31, I'm moving into the train myself.

2. More blog posts. About more than just sad crap. More blog posts about my style, my home and about how unorganized I really am.

3. If it makes me more sad than happy, I'm not doing it. If someone is more stressful than helpful, they don't get the pleasure of my presence. I'm making Samantha and Kaleb happy in 2014.

4. More praying and less falling asleep. I need to get back on my game with praying efficiently. I end up waiting until the night time to pray and low and behold, I fall asleep before I even make it a fourth of the way through. More randomly praying throughout the day and less waiting for the night.

5. More weekend trips with and without Kaleb. It's a requirement to keep our sanity.

6. This blog turns 3 in March. Get ready for a big blogger birthday party with balloons and confetti and giveaways! Oh My!

7. You'll continue to see me pin an obscene amount of shit on Pinterest and do nothing about it. I'm not even gonna lie and try to pretend I'm gonna make time for real cooking and extensive crafts. I'll be sleeping in a fucking train bed for crying out loud, there will be no time for completing things on boards.

8. Ok, so you as a reader may not physically get to witness this but I'm gonna say "no" more often. I can't keep saying yes to every volunteer thing, every event with family and every kid related thing. I want to say no and sit my ass at home sometimes.

9. Less toys. I'm *this* close to saying "no gifts please" on Kaleb's bday invitations, from here on out. Holy mother effer, there are wayyy too many toys in our house. 2014 will be the year to downsize and purge.

10. Sprinkles. There will be more sprinkles in 2014. There wasn't nearly enough sprinkles in 2013.

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