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Tuesday 10

1. Sometimes, you're long ratty hair is a dead giveaway that you're a cat owner. And no I'm not talking about anyone that reads my blog.

2. I miss the feeling of Kaleb clinching onto my pinky finger like he did when he was a baby.

3. I want to be a kindergarten teacher simply for the Christmas gifts you receive. You moms out there do some serious teacher gifts. Mercy.

4. We've been sick for more than a week now and it has suuuucked. Our Christmas Eve and Day were pretty lame because we couldn't go 7 minutes without coughing. When you hear me say I can't freaking wait until summer, I mean it!!

5. No but seriously, why doesn't Caillou have hair?!?! I need answers people.

6. Aren't you envious when you hear folks say, "Oh that's okay, take your time, I'm not in a hurry"? I live for the day I'm not in a hurry. It seems I'm always on a time crunch, rushing here, rushing there. 7. I sucked at Christmas this year and I blame life. Understandably, I just wasn't feeling the holiday spirit you all speak of and like I said before, we were sick. I have no good pictures of Kaleb nor did we take the traditional "family photo" in front of the tree, wearing our church attire. There's always next year. That's what I tell myself to feel better. 8. Don't judge me with your "pay attention to your driving" crap. You all know as mothers we do what we need to do to keep the kids happy in the car. I have mastered throwing food back to Kaleb. He sits on my right side (in the back of course) and I only have my left hand, so I can't really reach food back to him, so....I throw it and he's always prepared. I started with just French Fries, you know, to show him the ropes of living with a one-armed mom. Then we graduated to chicken nuggets, even part of a banana once. Goes smoothly about 90% of the time. Tonight, I tossed part of a hot dog weiny back to him and all I heard was, "Ahhh my hot dog hit me in the eye but I'm okay!" Don't you wish you and your kid were half as cool as we are? 9. Santa brought Kaleb a Woody doll for Christmas. It was a good choice, however, seeing as how I've watched Toy Story approx. 94 times in the last 3 months, I can't help but feel like Woody comes to life when we leave the room. I mean, he's JUST like the one in the movie and I'm totally okay with him cruising the house and shit at night, but please, do something beneficial. 10. I blame the recent holiday gatherings on my late night random cravings for cheese balls and peppermint flavored everything.

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