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Second Chances

We all get a second chance at some point. Whether it's a second chance at something small like a project at work or something bigger like a relationship, we all get to experience a second chance at some point in life. There are times though, when we don't get second chances because we aren't always in charge of that decision. Sometimes we aren't offered them and sometimes things are just final. No going back. No fixing it. No changing it. While Charles had a teddy bear heart, passing out second chance cards wasn't something he did often. He was fairly stubborn and set in his ways when it came to that. In fact, for years, there had been a second chance card that needed to be given and then reciprocated back to him. I knew all along, in my heart, that this should happen but I knew, unfortunately, it probably never would. I was afraid there would come a time when it would be too late for a second chance and everyone would regret it. Sadly, I was right. The day he died, I took it upon myself to offer the second chance, on behalf of him, in hopes I would receive one back. It was accepted and returned immediately. It wasn't an easy thing to do for either parties involved but it was done, and there were no regrets. This time of year is really tough. I've been dreading it, honestly. At many many times during the month of December I thought, can Kaleb and I skip Christmas? Can we vacation somewhere away from media and forget about Christmas? Then I always came back to reality {stupid reality, she's such a bitch} and realized we couldn't just skip Christmas.....I'm pretty glad we didn't. We took advantage of the second chance we were given and soaked in the love this weekend. We shared hugs, presents, laughs and tears. It was the most beautiful feeling I've had in a long time. It was....refreshing...and....easy. We needed easy. We needed beautiful. I desperately needed all the feel goods. I know I kinda left you hanging here since I didn't go into detail about, well, any of it, but that's because it's not important for you to know. What is most important and what I'd really like for you to at least *think* about, are there any second chance cards you should be handing out or are there second chances you'd like to be given? Holding onto anger, fear, sadness, ain't worth it folks. Trust me. Life will do a 180 on you before you know it and you'll be left with forever regret. Let 2014 be the year you look at second chances in a different light. With love,

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