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Tuesday 10

1. Does anyone else find it odd that all the kids on Frosty the Snowman wear shorts?? And Karen looks like she's just wearing a coat, with no under garments. What good will her ear muffs and gloves do if she isn't wearing her underwears?

2. This weekend I went to the movies. For only the second ti me since Kaleb was born. And I ate way too much buttered popcorn. Alone. It was marvelous. Also, I saw the Hunger Games. Not typically my type of flick but I had seen the first one and kinda got hooked. I have lots of comments regarding this movie but for those who aren't up on the whole Hunger Games thing, all I have to say is, holy shit, Peeta got hot. Gimme some bread, Peeta, gimme some bread.

3. I won't lie, I'm a little envious of all the folks who've gotten a little snow. I sure would love to take Kaleb out and play for a whole 5 minutes.

4. I feel like the tv scheduling people should have predicted the wintery weather forecast and adjusted the shit they put on tv this past weekend. I mean, The Princess Bride was the best you coulda done on a weekend that everyone was quarantined to their home?

5. I sent Kaleb with my dad this weekend for like an hour so I could get rid of a lot of his toys, without him knowing. I'm sure this is the last year I'll be able to secretly get away with it. I feel good about my decision to purge.

6. You guys know I'm not normally one to talk about football on here but can I just say how happy I am for the Baylor Bears?!? 7. I believe one may never truly know the meaning of aggravated until they try to remove glitter nail polish.

8. Officially sick of hearing Katy Perry roar like a tiger but I'm still in love with being queen bee.

9. The only thing better than getting fresh new hairs did, is getting to listen to the "beauty shop talk". Nothing beats feeling like your in the movie, Steel Magnolias and you just met Weezer in real life.

10. Love this. Even though it's actually not what I imagined, I'm still choosing to make it the best.

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