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A Quick but Truthful Update

I know a lot of times on here, and on Facebook, I tend to be on the sarcastic and witty side. I speak the truth but sometimes in a vulgar way, in a way to make you laugh. And to make myself laugh. Yeah, I laugh at myself. Today I have a real update for you. Probably won't laugh, probably won't cry, you'll just read and say, huh, good for them. I need to document it, though. I need to be able to go back and look through my posts and remember this time frame. I've mentioned before I feel like I'm living through a timeline and most markers are sad ones. I need a positive marker on my timeline. For the first time in {almost} 6 months, I don't feel overwhelmed. I don't feel like I'm just barely breathing. I don't feel like I'm looking for myself. I don't feel like I'm looking for a new normal. I feel like we established a new normal. I feel like I'm starting to see a glimpse of me again. I kinda like Samantha, so I'm glad to see her every now and then. I owe so many of you a thank you, or seven. I mean, the prayers and support I have received has been overwhelming, in a good way. Especially the prayers. I know, that even though I don't hear from folks a lot, I know y'all have been praying. I can see the difference. God is doing awesome things for us and that's because Kaleb and I are loved. He's placing people where they need to be, He's putting things in my lap when I'm too stubborn to see them and He's just making things work. I'm forever and ever grateful for people. Since I've lived in the same small town my entire life, a lot of folks know me, so a lot of folks pray for me. But because it's likely I'm addicted to social media, a lot of other people know me and pray for me. Come to find out, society as a whole, still has a helping heart. I see it everyday and Lord have mercy, it's awesome. Of course this will be an ongoing struggle. This is far from being over but it's a start, right? Finding Samantha is def a start. Kaleb needs your prayers at this time. I won't get into detail but homeboy is having some hard times. Partly it's just him being two. After now raising a two year old and seeing what it's like, I think all two year olds need prayers and so do their parents. Thankfully, I'm at a strong place at this point in the game and I'm having an easier time helping Kaleb work through his low points. The point of this entire post is to say thank you, (I may never stop saying thank you) and to tell you all, without sarcasm and wit, I'm doing pretty okay. I think I got this.

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