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A Boy, His Momma & a Train - 2013 Photo Shoot

So now that we are officially done respecting the turkey, I thought I'd share our 2013 photo shoot with you fine folks. Marsha Chitwood never ever disappoints. Since Kaleb is really into "ChooChoos" we decided to take him to a train track and train inspired playground. Needless to say, little man was in heaven and wanted to wear his train hat at all times! I'm currently going on a printing frenzy and having these amazing pictures all over my house!

I felt like we just couldn't take all these beautiful pictures and not include the one we miss most. I thought about it for a long time, how did I want to include Charles in a way we could be happy about. I may get some weird looks here, maybe some judgement but I'm happy we took these photos. With the help of a friend, I was able to make this sign myself. It has our personal touch to it and I couldn't love it more.

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