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Tuesday 10...that moment

Don't lie, we all have these moments. 1. That moment you ate far too much over the holiday and swore when Monday came, you wouldn't eat. Monday came and your like, "omg I'm so hungry, I might die."

2. That moment you're secretly thankful that 30 days of being thankful is over so you can start your Christmas wish list.

3. That awkward moment when the rude lady in Walmart tells you to move out of her way and you're all "oh ok I'm really sorry (with a smile)" but inside your head, you're all, "Bitch, I'm a one armed widow, YOU move." And then you wish you sometimes didn't have a filter. Happy freakin' holidays you crazy Walmart lady.

4. That moment you're on a road trip and you decided getting the kid in and out of the car was far more of a hassle than getting to relieve your bladder and then you regretted that decision when you finally made it home and couldn't properly walk into the house. 5. That moment you get an Amber alert on your phone and you piss your pants because you still aren't used to that noise. Then you feel bad for pissing your pants because some little went missing. It's too much emotion in such a short amount of time.

6. That moment you think your kid is a badass because he's jammin out to "I'm bringing sexy back" but then he farts in Hobby Lobby and loses his swag.

7. That moment you have to secretly throw away all the bouncy balls because you'll lose your mind if another one bounces in your direction. 8. That moment you have to just say "OhEmGe" because folks still can't operate an elevator. And it's almost 2014. 9. That moment you put together a jewelry armoire all by yourself and you think, who's boss now, bitches? 10. That moment you get to whiteness your little nuggets face lite up because of the sheer joy of Christmas lights and you think your heart might explode. 11. That moment you realized you might have used too many vulgar words in your Tuesday 10.

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