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Tuesday 10

1. Minor update on my "book" progress. I have set a goal of five years. You guys will be reading a book, written by me, in no more than five years. Inside of that book, you'll read about similar things you read around these parts but I'll include some secrets that not many know and I'll include a chapter about how people are assholes. Best seller? I think so.

2. Why is it that this year, when I know I won't get many Christmas gifts (due to age and folks giving all their monies to my cute kid), I can think of a million things I want? Gah, where was this list a few years ago?! I mean, this girl needs that rose gold watch and Michael Kors bag I saw on Pinterest.

3. I need people to not tell me about their store survey listed on the receipt. I've got a 2yr old inside Home Depot, clearly I don't have time to listen, nor take the survey. Also, you're waisting paper because no one is taking the survey. Ever. 4. Favorite junk food combo as of late: Reeses Pieces and Dr. Pepper because I know you wanted to know.

5. There are very very few things I'm liking about this cold weather but one thing I do loooove is having a fireplace. It makes me wanna sleep in the living room at all times.

6. These bruises make for better conversation. 7. So many times. S O m a n y t i m e s I wanna respond on facebook, "no one cares" but that would make it obvious that I'm kinda a meangirl and only limited people know that.

8. My Dearest Salted Caramel Mocha, We didn't spend near enough time together this fall season; you'll continue to hold a very special place in my heart and I'll see you and your salty/sweet self next fall. 9. Who's already working on their "2013 in review", post? That'd be me. I'm on it and it's going to be effing long great! 10. Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.

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