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Tuesday 10 - Thankful Edition

I almost didn't do a Tuesday 10 this week for a couple reasons. Number one, I just wasn't feeling it. I had almost all of it written and it just wasn't right. Secondly, are y'all getting sick of Tuesday 10? Is it the same crap every week? I'm in such a blogger funk. So anyways, I decided I should write about what I'm thankful for since I've been a Debbie downer and sorta an asshole lately. Yeah, I called myself an asshole. After I finish a "sad" blog post I'm like, "well, that just sounded like a poor me post" and that's not how they are meant, so yeah, at times, I feel like an asshole for complaining. There. I said it. Since I didn't get on the "I'm-thankful-all-month-long-and-I'm-telling-Facebook-about-it" bandwagon, here are 10 things I'm thankful for, other than the obvious: friends, family, job, house hoopla. 1. I'm thankful that when Kaleb ran into the living room and said he pooped in the bathroom, it wasn't actual poop, he just farted. I wasn't entirely ready to clean poop off the floor. (He's not potty trained yet, get off my case.) 2. I'm thankful for a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Makes things so much more awesome. 3. I'm thankful for all the places with drive thrus...CVS and dry cleaning place, you rock my socks more than you know. More than you know. 4. I'm thankful Kaleb calls his poop "scary poop" because it always makes me laugh. I don't have a clue why he does this, but however he came up with it, he thinks it's funny too. It never gets old. Gah, I'm such a mom. 5. I'm thankful for sweater dresses you can wear with tights and boots. If I can't wear maxi dresses with sandals, I'm going to wear sweater dresses, damnit. 6. I'm already thankful for the turkey and dressing leftovers my family is going to give me. 7. I'm thankful that Kaleb loves music just as much as I do. Some nights he'd prefer to listen to Pandora over watching TV. 8. I'm thankful Kaleb puts his arm around me and says, "best friends" even though he'll change his mind when he gets in school and some punk ass will tell him that's not cool. 9. I'm thankful for all of my best friends. They each add such a different dynamic to my life and I'm also thankful they put up with my looney tooney self. 10. I'm thankful y'all think I'm funny and keep coming back even though I talk about poop and I say the eff word. It's real life all up in here. Get on board or get out. Oh. If you get on board, grab a button and link up!

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