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5 on Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!! I'm joining the "5 on Friday" bandwagon today. I don't have 5 favorite items for ya, but I do have my 5 favorite instagrams, as of late. Enjoy!

Most beautiful Texas sunset. We've been blessed with many of these lately.

Me and my favorite guy! His birthday was yesterday so I made a collage of old & current pictures. We are getting close to being BFF for 10 years now! I heart him.

Kaleb and I took Christmas Card photos the other day and this is just a quick snap I got on my phone. Despite the sun being way bright, I love this picture of me and my little man!

Baby feets and truck jams. It's little moments like these I love to capture and hold onto that little baby feeling.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture I took on my recent trip to Cincy. It's the simplicity of sitting on a park bench, looking across the street and seeing a chandelier.

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