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SO WHAT! Wednesday

Linking up with this Fab Lady today for a little SO WHAT! Wednesday because we all need to say SO WHAT! every now and again! SO WHAT! if:

  • This is the first year I'm really seeing the benefits to trick-or-treating. Night time Halloween candy: YUM.

  • Yesterday I would have literally punched someone due to my phantom pain. OMG, y'all. Winter is going to killlllll me.

  • Every morning I wake up and immediately think about Starbucks.

  • We are taking Christmas Card photos on Monday and I still don't have our outfits picked out.

  • We have been living out of the same clean laundry basket for three four weeks now. Life is about so much more than folded underwears.

  • I forgot to feed the dog on Sunday.

  • I cried yesterday because the wrapper from my dove chocolate said, "bring in the holiday together". I'm not ready.

  • Kaleb did not get a bath last night. He's not a smelly athlete just yet, he doesn't HAVE to have a bath everyday.

  • I'm so ready to eat turkey and dressing, I can barely stand it.

  • I stand firm to the saying "Respect the Turkey, Bitches." Ok, so maybe I added the bitches part but that's how much I mean it.

What are you saying SO WHAT! to this week?!

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