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Tuesday 10

1. I've been called some things in my life, although, not many because most poeple like me, but I can now say that I've been called a dumb broad. #jobperks 2. Let's start with this important fact. Microwave bacon doesn't make your house stink. I can tolerate microwave bacon. You'll sleep better at night knowing I just ate 4 pieces and enjoyed them.

3. Have any of you ladies realized how much value you're traveling with? You have your makeup, and if you're a snob like me, your eyeliner alone is $25. THEN you have your makeup brushes. We all know those suckers are like $40 a pop. And your $100 flat iron? Then at least 3 pairs of shoes, minimum. Jewelry? Even if it's fashion. How nervous did I just make you about the airport losing your bag?

I always like admitting to y'all how firstworld I am.

4. I feel like I could just vacation at the DFW airport. You can literally spend your entire day in just one terminal, get 3 different meals and accomplish Christmas shopping. Then you still have 4 or 5 other terminals to finish out your vacay. It's like an effing resort with planes. And people watching. I like it.

5. So, we aren't crying every day. That's good.

6. You know what's not over-rated? Hand puppets. Just old fashion hand puppets. Kaleb's therapist suggested I try some to see if he'll open up and talk about his feelings...worked like a champ, yo. Obviously if your kids like 8, probably wouldn't work as well, but for a 2yr old? I think so.

The sad part though, you can't really find them in stores anymore, so God bless etsy. I found some super cute ones. I'm serious about this you guys, try them sometime. Get your little one used to the idea of talking to the puppet, then, when they're sad or crying, whip out the favorite puppet and see if you can get your nugget to spill the beans as to why they're sad.

7. I can finally tell y'all what you were praying for. I got a new job! Holla if ya hear me!

Same place, different department. VERY positive change for me. Very. Thank you. #january2014

8. We've already had strep, ear infections and bronchitis this "winter" season. Both of us. It's gonna be a long season and I'll expect you to be understanding when I turn bitchy. 9. I need Chipotle to do a half burrito bowl. The food coma that the entire bowl brings on, is almost not recoverable. I realize I'm not forced to eat the entire thing but it's just so yum. 10. You know what we should do more of? Laughing. Take your ass to a comedy club like at least 6 times a year. Do it now and thank me later.

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