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Tuesday 10

1. You folks are funny! I've received more feedback regarding my hate for breakfast food items, than almost anything I've blogged about. I'll clear up some things here. I do like bacon. I hate the smell of it when it's frying. If you could serve me a plate of waffles and bacon, without having had smelled it while cooking, I'd gladly eat it. If I have to smell breakfast cooking for more than 5 minutes, I'm out. I'd prefer cereal. I'm sorry to ruffle so many feathers with this, I'm just weird about smells. Remember my gagging issues since I was pregnant; they never went away. Times are very sad in the Amidon house when I have to take out the trash, which is every time now. 2. I started a facebook page for this here blog and got 200 likes within 12 hours. You guys are the bomb diggity. Go there now if you haven't already liked it. I promise not to disappoint. {as a side note, in a couple weeks I won't be linking my blog to my regular facebook page anymore; you'll only be able to get to the link from the fan page} 3. Kaleb has learned to feed the dog. This improves life by a few points. I mean, he gives her way too much and it ends up all over the floor but that's what dogs are good for, they eat crap off the floor. AND since he likes doing it, he asks about it every day which means points for 'Bawlly', she gets to eat every day. Everyone wins here. 4. Honestly, I already have this "book" you all think I should write, written in my head. It's all jumbled up in there, I write another piece of it every day. I'm basically just waiting on the green light from the Big Man. You see, He and I have a certain way of doing things. I try my best to sit back and wait on Him to hit me on the head and say, "here are allll the tools you need to do something fabulous, now go do it and don't look back until you're done." I'll know when my light turns green. 5. Starbucks has been telling me for years that their cinnamon swirl coffee cake is reduced fat but I just don't see any way I can believe them. I continue to get it and feel better about myself for making a "reduced fat" choice but it just taste like it should be called "Added Fat Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake". 6. Is it weird that sometimes I wish Kaleb had a cell phone so I could text him while he's at daycare and just say, "I love you"? 7. I secretly jump up and down when I find out other bloggers, that I consider celebrities in my little blogging world, read my blog, and like it. Jumping up and down. 8. Kaleb and I came across a fire truck the other day and the firefighters let him crawl around, inside. We were forced to leave when Kaleb crapped his pants. I mean, I know fire trucks are awesome, I just didn't know they were that awesome. 9. Being in Walmart at 11 p.m. with a few margaritas under your belt is so much better than being in Walmart at 11 p.m. with no margaritas under your belt. 10. My folks are away on a fun little trip (for 2 weeks - ahem) and my dad took the iPad. Today, my brother and I received an email that went like this "good rain plane ride not bad saw vatican today time is 7 hours later here will see pope tomorrow get on boat tomorrow 3 pm lots of walking today weather is good 75 high today" Couple things. Not only does it physically hurt to read that, it also hurts me to type such a thing with no punctuation. Secondly, that entire message was placed in the subject line. It's truly a miracle he was able to locate a wifi spot and connect.


What are your ten things today? Link up with me!

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