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Bestie gets hitched....

#bestiegetshitched was my hashtag for the wedding this weekend. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, my best friend got married yesterday and I was maid of honor. This wedding planning has been ongoing for a year now and it finally came through this weekend. Kinda glad it's done but even more sad it's over. So much planning for things to end in one night. I actually started this post last night when I got home (at 1 a.m.) but when I realized I wasn't actually typing, I was nodding off instead, I decided to wait for today. I have some key points to share with you and of course a few pictures that I'm sure blogger will rearrange so they won't be in order.

  • first and foremost, let me just say how awesome my friends are for taking Kaleb this weekend. He was with some of his favorite folks Friday night and most of Saturday. They did super fun things like hot dog picnics, hat parties and outlet mall shopping. They were a life saver by keeping him through the madness and he got to join mommy on Saturday for the reception.

  • DIYing and decorating started on Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. sharp. Wanna know how awesome I am? I got strep throat and double ear infections on Wednesday and that pretty well sucked. After decorating, I visited the doctor for the second time.

  • Friday afternoon us girls did fun things like nails and starbucks. These are essential wedding weekend things.

  • Rehearsal went great. No drama. No one was late.

  • The bride had already planned to spend the night with me (which I was glad to have her to myself one last night) and in my head, we were going to have a fun evening, doing girly things. Little did we know, we would be killing a rattle snake on the road, then chopping his head off with a hoe. We're country girls, how we roll.

  • Saturday morning started off with my alarm not going off when it should have, me waking up because I was having a dream that I had to put Kaleb in jail and I was crying. Don't even ask, I have no idea.

  • After the mandatory trip to Starbucks and HEB it was all starting to get real. Faces were getting makeup and hairs were getting bobby-pinned.

  • GO TIME. Bride is dressed. Bridesmaid photos are taken. Flower-girl is anxious (because she had been made to sit still way too long). Groom is placed in the church. Folks are taking their seats. Time for me to walk with the bride and carry her dress up the stairs. It might have been a tearful moment had she not asked me to stuff the garter in my bra for the time being.

  • Ceremony. Beautiful and perfect.

  • Getting folks to do what they are supposed to do is like herding cats and we all know how I love cats. The reception was where I was in charge of making sure folks were doing what the bride wanted them to do. Basically, it's where I look like a bossy bitch per the bride. Hey, it's my duty.

  • My toast went well. I made people laugh without looking like a drunk fool. Mission accomplished.

  • When the bride and grrom left, I was sad. There she went. The girl who's been like a little sister to me for 12+ years. There she went with her husband. I had a tear in my eye but then I realized I was still in my ridiculous peep-toe heels, my toes were numb and I hadn't peed all night long. A truly bittersweet moment.

  • I most def enjoyed myself for a couple hours with a few dances and some unmentionable alcohol. Came home to a much needed shower and a spacious bed. Even with strep/ear infections, you can chalk this one up as success.

Here are a few pictures I managed to take with my phone:

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