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Tuesday 10

1. It's wedding week, peeps! WEDDING. WEEK. I'm beyond pumped. Maybe don't expect a Tuesday 10 next week, I might still be in recovery mode. 2. That moment your kid is eating something chewy and says its a gummy bear but you know for a fact you haven't had gummy bears in your house for over 3 months. 3. Oh. Hi, newly discovered cranberry turkey salad. I kinda love you on my club crackers. 4. So, I crafted this weekend. And cooked. Look at me and all my baby life steps. We're moving right along. 5. Kaleb was 28 months old on the 28th of September. I haven't done an update on him in a while and seriously thought about making this Tuesday's 10 all about him but nothing has really changed. So for those of you who seem interested, here are a few key points: -still a blankie carrier -getting better and better at eating -when he's not in the company of his mother, it's reported he's angel. This makes me proud. -still in diapers and mommy is no where near ready to start potty training. Get over it. -a huge fan of all things transportation; cars, trucks, airplanes, tractors, trains, firetrucks, anything that goes. New transportation themed big boy room in the works. -still referring to the dog as Bawlly and now has mommy calling her Bawlly. Bawlly isn't a fan of her new name or two year olds who pull her tail and put their fingers in her eye sockets. I won't judge if she runs away from home. -conversations are in 4 word sentences. He's like a real person, y'all. -clingy. And when I say clingy, I actually mean like effing glue. This is to be expected with life these days. -still mommy's biggest challenge and best bud. 6. My life can feel more exciting again. TV shows are starting up and my DVR will be put to use. Hello new bed time for Kaleb and heeeelllooooo wine and remote control for momma. Anyone else watching Red Widow?? I'm secretly obsessed with people in the mob. 7. This whole Halloween thing. What age did your kid start understanding this madness? Kaleb has two friends roughly his age that already requested what they want to be for Halloween. I tried talking to homeboy about it yesterday. It went a little something like this: "Kaleb, what do you want to dress up as, for Halloween?" ::blank stare:: "Remember last year when you were an owl and wore that owl hat for months?" ::blank stare:: "do you think maybe you would want to be a dog?" "yes" "or maybe a pirate" "yes" "what about a blonde headed 2yo?" "yes" Wish us luck. 8. You folks are some prayer warriors. Hopefully I can tell you guys soon-ish how my prayers were answered. Thank you. 9. I just thought it was courtesy to not wash your windshield with washer fluid when there are cars behind you. Just me? Okay. 10. I know I'm doing the right and necessary thing by letting Kaleb sleep with me. I really understand that he needs the reassurance that I'll never leave him but holy mother effer, I'm soooo needing uninterrupted sleep. This kid lays like a fucking X in the bed. His feet are constantly in my stomach and then I'll randomly kick him in the face because his head is at my feet. I'm pretty much a snob when it comes to my sleeping, I didn't even like sharing the bed with my husband. Uggghhhh. Not only does he wake up like 39 times a night saying "carry you" or "hold you", he's rambunctious. I've already had a semi-bloody nose and a fat lip because limbs are always flailing about. Sigh. Sorry if you think this makes me a careless mom but damn it, it's annoying and I needed to vent. ::gulps coffee:: Feeling like writing a Tuesday 10 on your blog? Grab a button and link up!

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