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Tuesday 30

Tuesday 30...Say whaaaaaa?? Yep, I'm featuring 30 things today because I'll be turning 30 on Thursday. Also. I asked a lot of you what you thought about me writing 30 things regarding myself and everyone seemed kinda pumped about, if you hate this post it's your fault. To make it a little more fun and since I love categories and lists, I made 3 categories and 3 lists. It's possible I have an addiction to blogging in lists but I don't really care enough to change it. Happy Birthday to me. Without further ado 10 useless facts you probably could have gone the rest of your life without knowing: 1. Energy windmills make me break out into a cold sweat. I don't know what it is about them, but I get completely uncomfortable and sick to my stomach when driving through a bunch of them. It's definitely the weirdest thing ever, I realize, but what is that really alll about? I probably need therapy for this item alone. 2. I've seen every single episode of Friends and Sex and the City. Twice. That's a lot of friends and sex, not to get it confused with sexy friends or even sex with friends because those are all very different. What? Anywho, I'll never, ever, in my entire life, get tired of those 2 shows. Let's be really clear on all these things. 3. I'm pro Helmans mayonnaise and very anti miracle whip. They are in no way, the same thing. Also? I'm team mayo vs team mustard.

4. I can touch my nose with my tongue. No really, I can. 5. Confrontational situations make me super super uncomfortable. I'll go out of my way to avoid them. 6. I check FB an ungodly amount of times during the day and I mostly don't even like FB. It's strictly a habit and that, my friends, is sad. 7. Seven is my lucky number. 8. I don't truly have a favorite color because I can never pick just one. I love all the bright pinks, yellows, purples...ect. But for real, my room in college looked like it belonged to a 10 yr old Taylor Swift addict. At best. It's a little embarrassing and also a little fun to admit. 9. I wish I didn't cry so easily but as life goes on, I'm starting to get a little backbone to me and have learned how to "man up" and ditch the water works. 10. I hate cats. I'm really sorry to all you cat lovers out there but I truly hate me some cats. I had nightmares about them as a child and they freak me the freak out. I feel they all have hidden agendas and that's as much as I'm going to tell you about that. 10 ways into this crazy heart of mine

11. Cookie Cake. This girl loves her some cookie.cake. Chocolate chip. Don't try and trick me with some raisins either. Also, HEB/WalMart's cookie cakes just don't cut it. American Cookie Company is where it's at. 12. Dogs. I must have been a dog in a past life. It's the only logical explanation. 13. Music. If I could listen to music all day long, I would. 24/7. I even have a special playlist that I fall asleep to. Pandora really opened up my life to a whole new level. I am forever grateful. 14. Fantastic photos of my child. I mean, have you seen him as of late? It's possible he's sportin' some bedhead all day long because he needs a hair cut but, seriously, 15. This really sounds really shallow of me but who cares. I love the sun because I love to get a good tan. From the time I was about 14, to my last summer in college, I taught swimming lessons every summer. Every. It's like that made me addicted to feeling the sun on my shoulders. (I can already hear everyone telling me how bad it is for me...I know I know, just go with it.) 16. A good rainy day nap. I can sleep like it's my job. I've always been a sleeper but then having a kid sometimes puts a damper on the whole napping/sleeping thing, so, getting in a quality nap really melts my butter. 17. You wanna really get to my heart? Serve me some refreshments and appetizers. Refreshments is quite possibly my favorite word. Of all time. There's just something about going to a party and seeing about 7 different dips that are creamy and white with a cheese plate nearby. This is why I'll remain curvy the rest of my life. I.LOVE.REFRESHMENTS. And I'm not afraid to admit it. 18. Getting greeting cards from my BFF's for no reason at all. In the mail. With real postage. Okay, so I'm probably not the only one who digs this, I'm just saying. 19. A solid romance movie. Pretty Woman. A Walk to Remember. Steel Magnolias. The Notebook. Notting Hill. You've Got Mail. My Best Friends Wedding. Maybe I should have started this one by saying, "Julia Roberts has a way to my heart." 20. Seeing people come together in prayer and changing the world. 'Nuf said.

10 things I've learned in my last 30

21. Eating too many lemons when you're bored and in college will eff up your teeth for like a week. Don't do it.

22. Writing your life story or something very significant will change you without even knowing. I highly recommend it. Sometimes I feel like a new person. Okay, most times.

23. People will shock the shit outta you just when you think you really know them. All life long.

24. Then, you'll turn around and shock the shit outta yourself because you didn't know you would ever be that person. Whatever/whoever that person may'll be shocked you turned into it. The world and people are ALWAYS changing. Always.

25. It's actually possible to accomplish all things desired with 1 arm. Don't let anyone tell you any different.

26. If you're doing a job that you truly believe is your passion, it won't seem like a job at all. Anything and everything other than that will always seem super lame.

27. When your mother told you, "don't start shaving your legs too soon because in no time you'll be sick of doing it"...she was right. In fact, she was right about a lot of things she told me.

28. Working in retail makes you realize how selfish society really is. I think everyone should either work retail or be a waiter at some point in their life. It'll make you appreciate the little shit in life. For reals.

29. Having a newborn ain't got NOTHIN' on having a two yr old. Ask me in 12 years and I'll want 2 years old, back.

30. Making bad grades on your school work and then trying to hide the papers under your mattress will eventually push you over the edge and you'll have to eventually tell your parents the truth as your sitting in the ER with stomach ulcers that showed up outta the blue. Elementary school was a bitch, man.

There you have it. My thirty things. As always, I hope it was as much fun to read as it was to write. You all have had a hand in making this year's to the next year of fun, blogging, friendships and love!

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