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Tuesday 10

Happy Tuesday 10, readers! I'm a little extra excited because this is the first week I get to post my opinions about the Bachelorette...and I know how much you all care! Also, be proud that I'm really trying to remember the names of these homeboys this time around. 1. First off, Brooks is ugly. Why she picked him for the very first date, I'll never know. Why were the guys giving Ben such a hard time, right off the bat? He really never became a DB until the very end of the episode. This whole thing with him is totally staged. The guys really had no reason to be hatin' on him from the beginning like they were. Brandon might be a little stalker-ish. He's way cute but way weird. Des said his "childhood story" made him seem selfless, I just see the word ISSUES written all over his face. Poor thing. Loving me some Bryden. Bad hair or not, that boy is cute and sweet. I love that he's a little bit shy. Also, I couldn't date someone with two names like Juan Pablo. Pick one. The journal guy from Texas (Zac?) stole my heart and I hate antiques. That gift was very very thoughtful, I may or may not have teared up a bit. I was pretty disappointed with the group of guys in the very beginning but a few of them are growing on me. We shall see!

2. Not sure if by "liking" a sad facebook status shows support or means I'm "liking" they're sadness. I usually wait until at least 3 other people like it before I take that plunge. 3. I think one becomes a true multi-tasker when they have children. After the first child, you learn to grocery shop with a kid, put groceries in the car with said child all while talking on the phone. By the second kid, you can grocery shop with 2 kids, talk on the phone and tie the toddlers shoes in the parking lot, all while keeping the cart in place and keeping your kids from getting run over. Hell, by the 3rd and 4th kid, you're coupon shopping like a boss, herding cats, solving world hunger, and still managing to keep your kids alive. Women and their capability to multi-task blows my mind. 4. My mother gifted me a dog for my birthday in 1997. He died on Friday after 16 years of a very spoiled life. My dad is far more sad than I because they had developed a relationship like you never knew. Still sad. RIP Poody. 5. It's finally my birthday month and I'm ready to Get.It.On. 6. Is there really a need to show me the bottom of Fred's feet every 5 minutes in the Flinstone movie? They walk around without shoes, I already know their feet are going to be dirty. That reason alone will make me never watch that movie again. 7. Can toothpaste go bad? Because my tube ran out and I dug for a new one but instead, found one that I'm pretty sure I've had for about 4 years. After using it twice, my teeth are still in tact. #win 8. Getting the gel polish on my nails has improved my life by about 63 points. I mean, a polish that doesn't chip off for two whole weeks?

9. Something monumental happened last night. I washed a load of clothes, dried them, folded them and then....wait for it....put.them.away. I know, I was shocked too. 10. Most recent development in Kaleb's world? Pizza. The kid wakes up asking about pizza. I'm sure, like everything else, he'll eat it for a month and get tired of it, then we'll be back to square one. Suggestions on meals to send with him to daycare?? What do your little ones eat?

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