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The one where we decided to take a last-minute trip to the beach

After our trip to San Antonio just a couple weeks ago, I swore up and down that I would NOT travel with Kaleb again for a while. Swore.

So, when my mom asked me if I wanted to go to Corpus for the weekend for my cousins graduation, my answer was, "hell to the no." We would be 5 hrs from home, with a kid who's attitude is questionable these days...I think not.

Somehow though, I was sitting at my desk on Friday and I thought, "Ya, know maybe we should go to the beach this weekend. I was wanting a get-away and I knew if Kaleb decided to be a drama king, I could walk him to the beach. Also, I must have lost my mind.

I checked with my mom and she said there was still room for us, so before I knew it, we were loading up the car with my other cousins and we were on our way.

I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story.

We hadn't been on the road even 30 min and already K was less than impressed. The cousins were ready to rock 'n roll though.

After watching 2 movies and stopping for food, eventually the car trip was getting to him and he decided he needed to sing "happy birthday" into his Easter bucket. Totally normal.

We did finally make it to Corpus late that night. It was too late for photos and we all had that "traveled" look to us. Oily hair, dark circles, grumpy moods, you know how that goes.

Saturday morning on the beach!! 30 seconds of being there and he was destroying every sand castle he could find. Typical boy.

Zoom in on what's coming out of that nose. I dare you.

He seriously LOVED it.

My caption to this photo on IG included the statement "this is the kinda shit you bring a teenage babysitter with you for."

Post beach. Sand. Snot. Dirt. Sunscreen. Priceless.

So....Kaleb and I totally skipped the whole graduation thing. I kinda figured it would be a bit much. We lived at the beach most of the day.

I just realized I don't really have any photos of inbetween the trip. That's b/c it was so last minute, I din't know what I was doing half the time. Here we were on the ferry, on our way home. Kaleb was obsessed with the "boat"

I got da moves like Jagger. Errrr does Jagger carry a blankie at all times??

All in all, the trip was great! Considering the trip was well over 4 hrs there and 4hrs back, Kaleb did well. He didn't act a fool. He only cried a minimal amount. He slept pretty well and he was highly entertained with the beach. I think it was a win-win trip and I'm glad we went.

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