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Tuesday 10

1. Facebook and their out of order updates? Makes me wanna not look at Facebook. There was a time where I thought FB was the shit. There was no way I'd ever get tired of it. I was wrong. I can't stand that I'm seeing a post from 48 minutes ago, then 11 hours ago, then right after that, 7 minutes ago. These are real things to be upset about, I know. 2. I don't eat the green skittles. Whew, glad I got that off my chest. 3. This Matron of Honor got her dress this weekend. Huge relief seeing as how I freakin' love the style. Big thanks to the bride for letting us pick our own. You win. 4. Why is bacon the only food whose smell lingers for at least a week? Well, that, and burnt shit from the oven. 5. Thumbs up: I got to snooze an extra 30 minutes this morning. Thumbs Down: I snoozed an extra 30 minutes this morning and didn't have time for Starbucks. 6. I'm not gonna lie, this summer I'll be missing the fact that Kman will be too big for rompers. Love me some rompers. 7. When Kaleb falls, he refuses to get up until someone says he's okay. He asks, "K?" 8. If you're ever stranded somewhere, just call me. I have anything and everything you might need, in the back of my car. Shoes (baby&adult), jackets, easter eggs, easter candy, random goldfish, juice, a couple books, wipes, hair clips, movies, many random lip glosses, bubbles, water bottles, phone chargers...what else do you think you might want or need? I'm almost 100% you'll be able to find it. Operation: clean out my car needs to happen soon. 9. If I procrasinate much longer on getting started with Kaleb's birthday plans, I'll be doing everything last minute, which makes sense to me because that's how I always roll. 10. No but really, I seriously need to do something about these ultra white legs. Even with all the warnings of how bad tanning beds are, I almost can't resist.

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