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Tuesday 10

How much do we love my new blog design?!? So much!!!! If you are viewing this on your phone, please take a couple minutes to check it out on a computer. The famous Becca Paro worked her magic again and made my page beautiful! You should be jealous that I know her, she's kinda awesome. Let's do this Tuesday10 business. 1. She's laughed with me. She's cried with me. She's vacationed with me. She's gossiped and has been judgmental with me. She's driven many many miles to visit me in college. She's bought me countless sweet tea's because she knows the way to my heart. She's held my hand when I was crying about boys. She's been drunk with me. She's never judged me, even when I deserved it. She's given me advice. She's forgiven me. She's loved me. She's been my rock for nearly 12 years now and she is my best friend. I'd be lost in life without her. LOST. Today is her birthday and damn, I'm SO thankful God made her. Happy, Happy Birthday to the most amazing friend I have! 2. It's possible Kaleb and I only ate guacamole for supper one night. He didn't waste any time with chips, went straight in with a spoon. He's my son. 3. When someone asks to borrow a pen, I may or may not be very selective in the type of pen I'm willing to give up. #youknowyou'llneverseethatpenagain And I'll be damned if you ask to borrow one of my multi-colored, fine tip sharpies. #backupoffthatshit 4. I feel like eating low-fat frozen meals are a waste of time. They taste so bad that I just wanna eat chocolate or ice-cream afterwards just to fulfill my craving for something tasty. I can't be the only person who feels this way. 5. I guess it's not completely unheard of to go to a movie theater and just buy the popcorn? Because that's what I'm gonna do one day. You can either judge me or come along. 6. My dad picks Kaleb up every Sunday morning and takes him for a drive. These are the type of things that warm my heart because I know they are making a bond that will last forever. 7. When did people start thinking it was okay to answer the phone with, "yeah" or "what"? I just feel like its so cold. Maybe I'm just over sensitive but it hurts my feelings a little and I completely forget why I called and just wanna hang up. 8. Big Boy Bed update? He's doing so well! Nap time is a little more difficult because obviously, no kid wants to take a nap, but he is doing so good at night! I wasn't, in any way, ready for this. I didn't think we would be putting him in a toddler bed at 20 months but he was also walking at 9.5 months so I shouldn't be too surprised, right? Regardless, I'm so proud of how good he's doing and LittleMan just loves his bed! 9. I pulled some cans of stuff out of the pantry last night and made a legit, last minute, dinner. I got a "dang, this is good babe", from the husband. I win. 10. I'm pretty disappointed in the Bachelor. As soon as AshLee told him what type of ring she wanted, I knew she wasn't going to get picked. I just feel so bad for her. She was/is so in love with Sean. I ALMOST think I won't finish watching because I don't like either girl, at all. I said, almost.

I still can't wait for "The Girls Tell All" show. That should absolutely be entertaining.

Since my opinion matters so much to America: I'm very disappointed in you, Sean Lowe, very disappointed.

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