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I'm making my own rules

The advantage to having your own blog is that you can make your own rules. Yesterday wasn't a good day for me, to say the very least so in turn, I didn't post my usual Tuesday 10. I had part of it written but I just couldn't get my thoughts together to finish it. I know you'll forgive me, or you won't, that's your call. So here I am, on Wednesday, with a hangover from yesterday. Not an alcohol induced hangover, because that story would be so much better, but just a hangover from a shitty Tuesday. I'm really tired and I'm really crabby. I went to Starbucks this morning for my usual fix and their espresso machine was broken. They only had straight up, regular, coffee. How does this happen? It reminded me of the day that Taco Cabana was out of flautas. Like, just OUT. What's the world coming to when you can't get flautas at TC and you can't get your fancy espresso drink at SB?! I mean, no wonder I'm crabby. I'm being forced to drink regular coffee with powder creamer. This is probably going to be the most random post you'll ever read. It's a bit of everything because I really wanted to blog but I can't gather a complete thought to save my life. If you're annoyed by this, blame starbucks and taco cabana, it's clearly the right thing to do. Here 6 of the 10 things I was going to post yesterday. 1. Biggest reason I'm ready for summer: drastic weather changes makes for hellacious phantom pain and hellacious phantom pain makes me drop "F" bombs way too often and that's just not classy. 2. There are times I feel like I should be wearing a fanny pack with emergency makeup items in it. I often see women and think, "I'd really like to change/add to her makeup and see what she'd look like." I realize this may be taking things too far and that I sound conceded, but this is my blog and these are my thoughts. 3. The fact that I can get sushi at HEB on my lunch break, rocks my socks. 4. turns out that people are requesting cats as service animals. Yes, you read that correctly-CATS. I didn't know that cats are able to detect hi/low blood sugar and then be able to relay the message to you. I bet you didn't know that either. Know why? It's because they can't. Dearest crazy cat lady, if you can train your cat to detect your low blood sugar and then be able to TELL you about it, you probably should be working for Ringling Brothers Circus, and be making millions. The requirements for a service animal are that they must be able to prove they have three different life saving skills. If your feline can save your life in three different ways, then I'd like to talk to you and your cat and see about potty training Kaleb. 5. The conclusion of this past weekend is, I still got it. I can still hang. I'm not too old for fun and booze, which makes me really happy. My good friend turned 30 and we had celebrations with bottles of wine and such. It was the best time I've had in a while, y'all. I was kid free, dressed up and with the greatest people on the planet. Even after three bottles of wine (shared with others) I woke up, hangover-free. Tired? Yes. Hangover? No! Homegirl still got it. #BOOM 6. One of my guiltiest pleasures might just be sleep. I have a very hard time turning down a nap when given the chance. Something else I felt like including is my review of the Bachelor, hopefully something I'll do every week, depending on when life allows me to watch my DVR recordings. I have to take back what I said last week about the 1-arm-girl. Her and I are totally not going to be BFF. I can't stand the fact it takes her 20 minutes to get out a five-word sentence. What. Is. Up. With. That. Whining? OMG. I can't handle it. If she wants to be friends with me, she needs to step it up. It's quite possible the show is pushing her to talk about her arm but I'm over that too. Stop bringing it up every five seconds. I hope the show allows her to find true love or something great but I'm afraid to say, it won't be with Sean. Anyone else think the girl Sean knew previously, has an unfair advantage? I feel like she def does and my opinion matters. So the chick that models? She totally got what she wanted by getting to be on the book cover. She might as well go home because she isn't there for love, she's there for fame. There's always at least one of those in the bunch. You know I'm right. I like the museum girl. She handled the hidden camera very well. The whole time I was watching her I thought, please don't pick your nose or do something crazy because how bad would that be? I was really impressed with her. It's far too early in the game but here's to hoping she sticks around to the final three. Clearly there are still too many girls for me to remember anyone's name. I won't remember names until he narrows it down to like six. Sorry. I can't imagine why Kaleb isn't interested in sitting still and watching this show with me. I mean, I feel like I could really teach him some things about women, flirting, bad eyebrows and fake tans. These are all things he needs to look out for when he starts dating. I hope you enjoyed this Wednesday post of random-ness. I'm pretty fond of making my own rules and forcing you to be okay with them.

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