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Tuesday 10

1. Let me start this Tuesday10 with my review of the Bachelor, because I know you're all chomping at the bit to hear what I have to say. First thing I noticed, ABC is finally getting with the times and making the selection a bit more verse. There were at least four African American ladies in the mix and I'm pretty sure an Asian as well. It really doesn't matter to me, either way, I just know they were getting some heat about having all white folks. Secondly, if you're going to be on national TV, knowing millions of people are going to be watching you, spend the extra money to get legit extensions. I'm not against extensions by any means, but you can bet your ass, if I'm going to be on TV, I'm going to spend next to a fortune and make sure my extensions are done correctly, but that's just me. Third, crying on the first night because he isn't talking to you? Oh, sweetie, just wait till he sees you're an unstable basket case who can't control your emotions, THEN watch him not talk to you and not give you a rose, or as my husband calls it, "make it to the second level." And fourth, I know you're all waiting for it....THE GIRL WITH ONE ARM. Yes, yes, I saw her and yes I give ABC and Chris Harrison props for stepping outside of the box. Yay for them for considering her to be an option. Since I too, have one arm, I'm allowed to say this: poor girl needs to move past it. She told America how it's holding her back and she thinks that's why she's single. I feel for her, I really do. I've been there. I feel so bad that she was so uncomfortable in front of Sean. She felt like she had to point it out to him right away and he sooo didn't know what to do with it. I. Have. Been. There. I have been there so many times. There's no easy way around it. If you don't bring "it" up, they think you're avoiding it. If you do bring "it" up, they think you're subconscious about it and she's right in saying that guys are intimidated by it. Stupid asshole men. So on that note, all I have left to say about it, is: way to represent the one-armness, Sarah!!! You and I are going to be BFF, even if you don't know it yet. 2. Newest pet peeve: inconsistent texters. It's 2013. Get with it. 3. We're teething again. Wait, I take that back, we're STILL teething for the 14th month in a row and we are absolutely Livin' the Good Life. 4. Christmas decorations are put away and life is back to normal. Praise the Lord. 5. I'm a little apprehensive about admitting this but I figure, what the hell, 2013 is the year of anything, right? When I was pregnant, every time I sneezed, I gagged. It was the weirdest thing ever but I tried not to think much of it because EVERYTHING was making me gag. Even the dog. It was like whoa. I'm here to tell you, this condition has not gone away and it's super embarrassing. It's nineteen months later and I'm still gagging after my second sneeze. Let this be the year I get this shit under control because for real.... 6. Kaleb dove face first into the mud in his church clothes and promptly said "SHIT!!" #icantimaginehowheknowsthatword 7. I most def watched the Aggies dominate OU this past weekend and I most def drank one or three lime-a-ritas while doing so. There was just something about those bity drinks and Johnny Manziel that made my Friday night, stellar. As a side note, when you type the letters J-O-H-N into Google, his name pops up twice before Johnny Depp. Take THAT Johnny Depp! HA! Did I just take that too far? Maybe. 8. I def got my hair colored yesterday and I love it. I did chunky-ish blonde highlights over my dark. The husband dislikes it buuuuuuuuut since it's my hair, he doesn't get a say. See how that works out? 9. The best thing that happened to me on Saturday was going to the local taco joint for breakfast in my sweats, wearing zero makeup, sportin' serious bedhead and getting out of there without seeing anyone I knew. #successatitsfinest 10. I leave you with this very deep thought/quote: One is one too many and one more is never enough.

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