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Tuesday 10 with no style

You guys...I ALMOST didn't post a Tuesday 10. I was thinking I wouldn't since I had already done my "year in review" post but then I thought, "not posting a Tuesday 10 on the first Tuesday of the year is probably really bad luck for my blog..." and so here I am at 10:16 p.m. working up a Tuesday 10. Usually I have these things sorta planned out but I'm starting from scratch so forgive me. Also? There's no theme, no resolution bullshit, no form or fashion, just straight up randomness from yours truly. 1. Let me start by saying a few things about our Christmas. I had intentions of doing a picture dump for you, but due to my laziness and feeling as though I have time for nothing, that idea is out the window. Sorry. So here's this instead: Kaleb received a rocking horse, a ride-able dump truck, a trike, cowboy hat/boots and about 91 tractors as his gifts. He loves them all equally and our living room looks like a daycare playground. Who says we need an organized house? We had a total of 5 different Christmas functions to attend. Three of them were held at our house. We are kinda blessed in the fact we always had somewhere to be or we always had company over. Five Christmas' means 5 reasons to drink those amazing bud light lime-a-ritas. Also, my grandma-in-law offered me wine in a Styrofoam cup within minutes of showing up at her house. She's kinda amazing. The hubs and I weren't exchanging gifts because we get so much from others and let's be honest, I don't know shit about hunting, guns, fly fishing, regular fishing or anything he has going on in our garage. It would be a waste of time and money if I attempted to buy him something he wants. But this year I actually found him something he had been wanting and I was able to purchase it. He stayed on the "let's not exchange" bandwagon and I got nothing. Merry Christmas to me, I'm buying makeup, purses and hair-do's all year long. Lastly, we hosted a little people Christmas party for some of Kaleb's friends. Be still my heart. I couldn't love those littles anymore if they were my own. It was a beautiful thing seeing all the chaos of 2 yr olds running around and playing. They exchanged gifts and then took baths together. The photos I have of them make my heart happy and will also be great blackmail later when they are like 16. Two birds with one stone. This sums up our 2012 Christmas pretty well. Who needs millions of photos? (but seriously, I have hundreds if you really wanna see them) 2. Random: Kaleb punched me in the boob the other day and said, "hahaha booooob!" I have no idea how to feel about this or how I feel about how he learned it. 3. Why did it take me ::this:: long to appreciate the beauty of Pandora?? Someone shake their head at me. 4. I don't make new year resolutions because I think they're over rated. HOWEVER, I would like to start my year a bit more organized. I kick myself on a weekly basis because I hate the fact I wasn't blessed with the organize gene. Damn you gene pool. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be OCD and organized when it isn't in your blood? It's really effing hard. I refuse to open my shop up again or do anything big until I get more organized with life in general. I say this now... 5. I may not have a shoe fetish or be a purse hoarder but this home girl can drop some cash on makeup. I blame Sephora for making me a makeup snob. God bless gift cards...that's all I'm gonna say in case my husband reads this. It's expensive to be this beautiful. 6. In 2012 I think I lost touch with how amazing I am and how amazing I can be. I remembered a few weeks ago and have never felt better. Find something amazing about yourself and embrace it, don't embrace something amazing about someone else. 7. I'm so glad I started 2013's afternoon with a nap. It was a choice I have no regrets about. 8. My husband just asked me, "you can put regular paint in your airbrush right?" "No husband, no you can NOT. Said airbrush was $600 and is for makeup use only. Stop getting crazy ideas about how you are going to use it for your fly fishing shinanagins." {note to self, hide airbrush in secret closet tomorrow morning} 9. If someone would have told me a year ago that one day I would wake up extra early just to sit at starbucks with my computer and coffee for a little "me time" before work, I woulda laughed in their face. I did it, though. And now I'm laughing at myself because it was pretty freakin' EARLY and COLD and my computer was being lame. I'm glad I went though, the "me time" was kinda awesome and I shall do it again. 10. Twenty-thirteen should be the year where Instagram lets us all post videos, because how awesome would that be? I'll call them tomorrow, give them the idea, and then make millions. Once I make my millions I'll buy my husband his own airbrush for paint and maybe buy some more over priced make-up. It looks like I have a busy day tomorrow. I better get my sleep on now. Peace.

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