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Tuesday 10

1. Last night, I caught poop, in my hand. A naked Kaleb was walking around, pooping and I caught it. I suppose there really is a first for everything. Did I mention it was in my bare hand? 2. Time change? I like having a little of both the times during the year but the change itself really blows when you have a kid. That's all I have to say about that. 3. Anyone else feel like there's been an unbelievable amount of boys being born lately?? What do we need to do to get some girls in this world? 4. Something I failed to tell you about a while back, I'm going to another scrap retreat. This weekend. With two of my favorite people. My mom and the bestie. I'm beyond excited about it too! Last time I went, it was just me, myself and I. It was a great get away but I was a tad lonely. I have no idea what I'll be working on but I seriously can not wait to get there and enjoy my time with these ladies. 5. Remember last week when I told you I was meeting a celebrity? Here she is. Taking a picture with me.

Here's the story. Like 2 years ago, prob less than that, a friend emailed me this post. My friend works at a police department and the post was emailed to them, kind of in a funny manner that this lady was blogging about getting pulled over, by their P.D. So, I read the post, laughed my ass off, and decided to read more. Two or six hours later, I knew everything there was to know about The Mommy Therapy and her three kids. I was a stalker and I liked it. I also liked the idea of blogging myself. I was pregnant at the time and I thought, I love to write and it's prob not a bad idea to document my pregnancy so why not start one of my own. So here I am, blogging away, to people like you, who are nice enough to care about what I have to say.

So how did I end up meeting my blog idle? She now sells Pampered Chef and PaisleysAndPoppies just so happened to be setting up at an open house where a Pampered Chef rep was needed. *LIGHTBULB* I did some email magic and got Leslie set up to sell her PC stuff at the open house. Where I would be. I was giddy. My life was about to be complete. I was going to MEET The Mommy Therapy.

When she arrived? On the inside, I was jumping up and down. On the outside, I was cool, calm and collective-I think. I refrained from being over-the-top. She was of course, totally sweet, just like I had imagined. I told myself to NOT jump right into talking about her blog but I failed. I think she was okay with it, though. Anyways, before I make a complete arse of myself and make her think I'm crazy, I'll stop and just say, she is an amazing lady and you should def read her blog, or have a pampered chef party at the least. She's really good at telling you why you should buy an $89.00 casserole dish. Promise.

::Disclaimer:: SHE asked to take a picture with ME...I had reeeeally wanted a picture but I thought it might seem a bit over the top and weird but then she asked for one and while I was jumping on the inside, I was all, "oh yea. cool. whatevs. ain't no thang. I guess I can." Now, I just have to convince her she needs to have coffee with me, soonish.

6. So, I started doing something kinda cool. I've been going to a local church on my lunchbreak. It's a good thing. It helps me escape the madness that is the work place. There's just something about sitting in an empty church that makes time feel like it has stopped. I need that feeling on a weekly basis. Even if I just sit there and try to listen, it's so refreshing. Just thought I'd share that with ya.

7. Not many things drive me crazy more than the folks who repeat themselves over and over and over and over and over.......AHHHHHHH #pullingoutmyhair

8. Kaleb and I did some boy-mom bonding on Sunday. It was complete with picking up bugs, eating dirt and playing with sticks. We were both having the best time until the gnats started getting really annoying and the dog got stung by a bee. I freakin' hate annoying bugs. It promptly ended our fun but I was able to get a few pictures. Oh, P.S., he learned to blow the dandelions from his Gnomeo movie. It's way cute.

9. I feel like a failure and a winner at the same time. It's possible. I put my Etsy shop on vacation for the time being. I feel like I failed myself because I gave up. I got pretty busy with orders and then I gave up. I def feel like a winner because I know I can do it, if I ever get the chance to stay at home. I know how to run it and I know it'll do good. I was spending zero quality time with Kaleb and I was stuck at home every weekend. I'll open it up again and give it another go, I just needed a break. Two jobs is kinda a lot. Props to those who do it.

10. Kaleb's grandpa is a farmer. This we know. Kaleb loves all things "grandpa" so this summer we took pictures in the cotton, remember? Then, said cotton photos were entered in a photo contest that was happening in a farm magazine. Voting starts NOW. Go here and cast your vote by commenting with the words "next generation?". His photo is the 10th one listed. Please help my little guy and his grandpa get their picture plastered on this farm magazine. It's every farmer's dream. Thanks.

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