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Tuesday 10

1. If you're over 45, sitting at the nail salon, talking to your friend about how drunk you got at the bar Wednesday night, you can bet your ass, you are, in fact, being judged. Try staying at home with you're kids.

2. It's comical to me that when we actually "laugh out loud", we all text/comment/post by saying, "I literally just LOL'ed!" Just a plain 'ole "lol" means there MIGHT have been a smirk but more than likely, we have no idea what else to say and "lol" is always a solid back up. Guilty.

3. It's been 15+ years since I've had a milk dud, until today. Now I remember why. 4. I feel as though I'm running out of things to blog about. I've had suggestions buuuuut none of them struck me. I'd like to stick with my witty, judgemental self on this blog. Why change it up? I guess I could sit in a public place and start people watching? Or, I could just waist away my day, looking at FB and making fun of people's status updates. Yeah, that sounds easier. 5. I hope my readers know, I'm all talk with zero game. I just like to make people laugh, yo. 6. This was me, yesterday.

.....and then this was delivered.

Here's the story. Like I mentioned, the bestie is engaged. I'm 'effin pumped to say the least. I was having a typical case of the Monday's yesterday. By 11:26, I was ready to pull my hair out. To say I was ready to cry, might be taking it a bit far. But, none the less, I still had it up to ::here::...until my special delivery!! It was a HUGE vase of purple/pink/yellow flowers with a card that said, Samantha "Marta" Amidon. I knew it was from her. My best friend. The one I'll always consider a sister. She sent me flowers and a card asking me to be her Matron of Honor. I stopped pulling my hair and cried at my desk. It is one of the sweetest things I've ever gotten and to be asked to be Matron of Honor, took my breath away. It truly is an honor for ME! I'm so moved, I literally can not come up with anything witty to say about it. My heart smiles. Love her to the moon and back.

7. Instagram has made me an appreciator. It's sad that it took a simple social media app to make me realize this. God has given us THE most beautiful sky!!! Granted, we are all editing our pictures, making them look more dramatic, but still...I'm always looking at the sky now, looking for a great photo opportunity. I'm so thankful and grateful for beautiful sunrises, sunsets and storm clouds. God truly is amazing with His nature and beauty that He has given us, I'm just sorry it took me until now to really notice it.

8. I had every intention of cooking supper last night until Kaleb wanted to play with me instead. How do moms get anything done when their kid is so damn cute?!?!?

9. Bad start the my day today. Crying baby resulted in crying mommy which resulted to me not being at work yet. I'm spending some time at home for an hour or so, getting myself together. Why the tears today?!? It's not even that time. I'm fruitier than a holiday fruitcake today.

10. Kaleb got his Halloween costume this weekend. I had pretty much decided I wasn't going to get him one this year. We only have like 2 houses to trick-or-treat at and the chances of him actually leaving a costume on, is very slim. I just wasn't excited about spending $50+ on something he would wear for 30 minutes, tops. Call me lame. Call me a bad mom. I didn't care. We were just going to stay home and let trick-or-treaters come to us. This weekend we were in Big Lots of all places and saw an owl costume. I thought it was pretty cute, actually. I showed it to K and he immediately wanted to grab it. I let him hold it and he repeatably hugged and squeezed it. I made sure the hat would fit, saw it was only $20 and said, "win!" He loves that dang thing. He wore the hat the entire drive home. Here's a sneak peak of the cuteness. Stay tuned for our Halloween post!!

**Brenda, I hope you're ready for some treaters!**

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